NEO Metro is moving to set itself apart from the rest of the market players, with its showroom in Batu Bersurat marking its pledge to spread comfort gloved in modern contemporary designs throughout Brunei. 

It would be difficult for one not to notice the spiral staircase connecting all three floors of the showroom, with the modern Italian and Malaysian made sofas, drawers and cupboards complementing the glass-made walls and minimalist lightings. 

Image: Syafiq Affendy

On the ground floor, visitors can immediately see how best can the leather-made sofas be padded with other decorative in a room; but what more eye-catching is that most of these furniture were not static. 

A Neo Metro staff displays how to operate the extendable dining table which expands from a 4-seater to a maximum 8 seater. Image: Syafiq Affendy

There is an electric-powered recliner sofa, with its footrest controlled with just a click of a switch; there is also a dining table that can be expanded and retracted to fit in four to six families. 

Three levels of furnitures ranging from Sofas to Beds to Stools and office furniture supplies, as well as outdoor weatherproof furniture. Image: Syafiq Affendy
Friendly Neo Metro staff welcomes their customers and are ready to assist in your hunt for the perfect furniture. Image: Syafiq Affendy

Besides that, Neo Metro is also selling premium-made beds, with those made by Englander and Serta being its best-sellers so far. 

White on brown, for those very much in touch with nature alongside with a passion for beautiful furniture. Image: Syafiq Affendy

Showroom supervisor Francisca Arroyo said when the showroom first opened in August 2009; Neo Metro has already set it to become the epitome of modern-style furniture in Brunei, thus the spiral staircase, the color and the futuristically designed boards and separators. 

Beautiful sofa sets at the showroom.Image: Syafiq Affendy

“Here at Batu Besurat we focus on selling modern contemporary concept, with most of the products are quality-controlled to give the premium feel to customers when they buy our furnitures.” 

Vintage designs fused with modern concepts. Image: Syafiq Affendy
An executive’s office setup on offer at Neo Metro. Image: Syafiq Affendy



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