Mowgli and his owner Mohd Abd Azim Abd Majid (L) receiving the prize from the organiser. Image: Azrina Zin
Mowgli crowned as the finest feline in town at the recent cat competition held at the Airport Mall. Image: Azrina Zin

A British Shorthair cat named Mowgli was crowned the Finest Feline at the third SmartHeart “Finest Feline” Cat Competition on Saturday.

The 10-month old champion cut a striking pose in front of the judges with beautifully groomed fluffy grey and white fur as he strutted around in the splendour of his decorated pen.

Its owner Mohd Abd Azim Abd Majid told The Bruneian that he felt ecstatic to bag three awards for his participating cats.

His cats Mowgli won $1000 grand prize, while Moana, a majestic Maine Coon sat at second place and British Shorthair Baltazar at eighth place bringing home $500 and $100, respectively.

“I have been joining the competion since 2015 and a lot of time spent in taking care of the cats such as their nutrition, exercise, and regular vet appointments,” the proud owner said.

The event which took place at Airport Mall featured some of the country’s most beautiful cats of every shape, size and hair length, shortlisting 32 entries out of 60 judged by group of professional veterinarians.

The one-day event aimed to serve as an educational outing for the public to learn more about the care and handling of these beautiful furry felines.



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