The BRIDEX International Conference Centre, Jerudong. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) is set to launch its first ever MSME festival tomorrow at Bridex Hall which hopes to pave ways for local businesses to export their goods overseas.

Besides featuring over 220 local vendors, the four-day festival will also feature businesses from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan – who will be looking for potential deals and partnerships.

Companies participating in the event include those from the food and beverage sector, cosmetics, fashion, furniture, home improvements and real estate industries.

Government agencies involved in fostering MSMEs growth will also be around.

DARe CEO Javed Ahmad in an interview shared that Japan is also looking to find business partners in the Halal food industry as the country geared itself towards hosting the Tokyo Olympics next year.

Besides the diversity of products, the event will also be featuring a series of business talks, with speakers including officials from the Asian Trade Centre and Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation.

He added that the primary aim of the festival was to allow established businesses to find international partners and start exporting their goods overseas.

“If you look at exporting goods overseas, ultimately you will have to ask yourself if your goods and services are unique or are you competitive enough for the market,” he said.

He further saud that businesses will also have to consider the mode of transporting their exports, receiving payments, ensuring credibility of their goods and services and ensuring they will have buyers.

If they have all these, he said then they are ready to venture out – all that is left is to find partners.

But for businesses that are “nearly there”, they could connect with potential domestic and international buyers via the event.

“For startups, they could test the key features of their goods and services and improve them accordingly.  They can get feedbacks from their customers, learn from other vendors and hopefully they can find other business partners,” the CEO said.

“For the festival, my team and I are excited about setting a new sense of achievement for these SMEs.  We will be there to support them – we want them to be more focused and aggressive in securing opportunities to grow their businesses.”

“We want them to succeed – because when you succeed at home, you’re definitely ready to succeed overseas as well,” Javed said.



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