Employees at MPC seen donating their blood while adhering to social distancing measures. Image: Courtesy of MPC

Muara Port Company (MPC) organised a blood donation drive for its officers and staff at the Cruise Ship Centre Terminal in Muara Port on Tuesday.

Held in collaboration with the Blood Donation Centre of the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital (RIPAS), the event was led by Chief Executive Officer Zeng Caili.

The event, which Caili encouraged the company host for the second time, was to raise MPC’s community support in an effort to provide the “gift of life” through blood donations.

(L_R): MPC Chief Financial Officer Lu Guo Li, MPC Chief Executive Officer Zeng Caili and MPC Chief Operations Officer Fazilah Yassin during the blood donation drive. Image: Courtesy of MPC

Additionally, it was held to lead a healthier lifestyle and to aid the increase of blood supply for those in need while carrying the theme “Donate Blood, Save Lives, We are MPC!”.

The Bruneian spoke to several MPC staff who encouraged donating blood to aid those in need.

For Adib Rosli, who donated for the first time, said it was an interesting experience.

A man seen donating his blood during MPC’s donation drive. Image: Analisa Amu

“There are many benefits to donating blood and honestly I felt refreshed after experiencing it today, I would do it again in the future,” adding that he thanked MPC for providing such opportunity.

Meanwhile, Gunawan Lou, who has donated blood several times in his home country, Indonesia, said it was crucial for healthy individuals to donate blood.

“You’ll be saving lives while simultaneously cleansing your body and therefore is good for you in the long run.”

Some of the attendees during MPC’s blood donation drive. Image: Analisa Amu
Some of the attendees during MPC’s blood donation drive. Image: Analisa Amu

“If you have time and the opportunity to do so, go for it. It doesn’t hurt and only feels like someone’s pinching you, but after that, you’ll feel great,” he added.

A representative from RIPAS’ Blood Donation Centre, Mat Yussof, said that 30 to 50 individual donations are targeted during such drives.

“Before individuals proceed with the process, they are required to fill in a form and speak to our doctor to ensure that their blood pressure and heartbeat, as well as other factors, are stable and normal.”

A medical officer seen inserting a needle for blood donation. Image: Analisa Amu

“If they are deemed safe, their haemoglobins will be checked and if it’s a safe reading, they are able to proceed to donate blood,” he added.

These steps, according to Mat Yussof, are to ensure that donors’ blood is safe to use and that they are healthy after donating.

Additionally, this helps ensure that the quality of blood used for patients is taken care of.

“At the moment, the nation’s blood supply is sufficient however blood is needed every day where around 50 to 60 pints are used,” said Mat Yussof.

A representative at RIPAS’ Blood Donation Centre Mat Yussof during the donation drive. Image: Analisa Amu

“Therefore we encourage anyone who is healthy, 17 years old and 45kg above to donate.”

Mat Yussof shared that apart from saving lives, donating blood will help burn 500 to 600 calories.

“That’s more than one hour of running! Research has also shown that those who regularly donate can reduce the risk of a heart attack provided that the individual takes care of what they eat.”

Before donating blood, he recommends individuals to get enough sleep the night before for five to six hours and have a full meal.

Some of the blood donation drive staff at RIPAS blood donation centre. Image: Analisa Amu

“It is important to have a full meal to prevent any headaches after you donate.”

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in the country, the Blood Donation Centre has introduced new standard operating procedures which include temperature checks and social distancing measures.

“Individuals can rest assure that it is safe to donate blood at this time, even more so with the safety measures implemented,” said Mat Yussof.

Adib Rosli, a first time blood donor during MPC’s blood donation drive held in Muara. Image: Analisa Amu

MPC hopes to continue to demonstrate their commitment to being vigilant of their employees’ health and safety, awareness and care for the environment.

Additionally, the company intends to foster community involvement in various social programmes and projects, in line with MPC’s social responsibilities.

Among the pints of blood collected during MPC’s blood donation drive. Image: Analisa Amu



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