Muhd Ulfi tops Red Bull Warriors Championship

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Waqiuddin Rajak

Muhammad Ulfi Aminuddin came on top after clinching all the other 2,000 futsal players in this year’s inaugural Red Bull Warriors Championship, which came to a close last Sunday.

The former national player emerged as the best player after scoring a total of 276 points, which were awarded through every wins and goals throughout the 143 matches he was randomly assigned and pitched in.

His points were also by far the farthest anyone could ever reach, with the second and third place only scoring 197 and 190 respectively.

In addition, Muhd Ulfi was also the top scorer of the contest, recording a total of 47 goals altogether.

Despite being the top player, going through the tournament itself wasn’t really a breeze for Muhd Ulfi, as there are also a lot of talented players whom he had to best to be able to climb through ranks.

“Particularly the second top player and scorer, Mohd Syukri Hj Damit. Despite his score, his game was great, he has a strong form. It was really quite a challenge to best him whenever we pitched in the games,” he said.

The Red Bull Warriors Championship however was just one of the many stepping stones for the young player, as his real aim was to make a comeback to the national team after being out for four years in the scene.

“Right now I am just pushing myself to be more active in competitions and leagues, so I could bring myself up again and see if I am still worthy of being on the field with the other national players,” he said.

“But right now, I am definitely proud and happy; not just because I came to the top, but because all the players had given me a good game throughout the contest,” added Muhd Ulfi.

The championship that ends last Sunday was the final part of the tournament aimed at seeking the best individual players amongst the 2,000 participants. The first part concluded early this month with AR Rawda emerging the champion.

Besides from top player and scorer, organiser Weekend Warriors also named winners of the top assist and top goalkeeper.

All the top ten of each category are entitled for prizes which may also include flight tickets, apart from cash.

Sponsored by Red Bull, the event was also held with support from MMW, AirAsia, The Bruneian, Kappa and International School Brunei (ISB).

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