Image: Courtesy of Mumtaz Collections

Local fashion brand Mumtaz Collections has collaborated with Austrian crystal maker Swarovski to produce its long shawl collection.

The collaborative series under the firm’s Maharani: Bohemian Edition features long shawls with exclusive prints and embellished with rainbow-coloured Swarovski crystals.

The collection brings together glamour and modesty, said Mumtaz’s creative design executive Hafiz Yassin, adding that they combine the refined craftsmanship of Mumtaz Collection signature designs whilst embellished with more than 300 crystals from Swarovski.

Image: Courtesy of Mumtaz Collections

“This collection is all about elegance and exclusivity. We want our customers to feel like the queen they deserve,” said Hafiz on the boutique’s Maharani line.

“We hope that our collaboration with Swarovski not only elevate the brand’s image locally, but also internationally,” he added.

The collaborative collection was exclusively launched at the De’Anggerek Hotel recently, and will be available at their boutique in Mata-Mata Gadong.

The company also launched its second collection, dubbed Mumtaz Basic Luxe, which features customisable shawls according to the customers’ specification (shape, colour and the type of embellishment). 

Founded in 2010, Mumtaz upholds the highest standards of quality and design which its loyal customer base has become accustomed to.

For more information, the public can reach Mumtaz Collection at 8990997, or follow them on instagram @mumtazcollections.

Image: Courtesy of Mumtaz Collections



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