The Musafir Takaful page of the Takaful Brunei app. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Most travelers are already using mobile apps for travel convenience. As a result, no matter where you are in the world, you can rest assured that you’ll be well protected with TBA’s Musafir Takaful via the Takaful Brunei Mobile App.

Available on both android and iOS platforms, the Musafir Takaful is designed for travelers, whether individuals, groups or families looking for travel protection during vacations or business trips.

Musafir Takaful provides two types of packages namely: the Naim package and Firdaus package.

Each package offers comprehensive protection with up to 24 coverage and benefits including coverage of Medical Expenses, Loss of Credit Card, Loss of Travel Documents, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation and Baggage Loss or Damage. The package also comes with convenient Family and Group packaged plans which covers the spouse and two dependent children or up to four travelers.

Participants can choose between two coverage destinations: ASEAN or Worldwide including the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Additionally, TBA provides a 24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance Service in the event of any untimely emergencies abroad during travel where users can seek assistance in emergency related services such as medical expenses, evaluation and repatriation.

The most important coverage offered by Musafir Takaful is the Medical Expenses benefit, which covers up to B$300,000.

Medical bills in a foreign country are required to be paid in full by either the individual or family members if they didn’t take up any travel insurance which may result in unnecessary financial burden and delay in treatment.

“However, TBA Musafir Takaful is able to provide participants with guaranteed payment through our 24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance service which will liaise with the respective hospital or medical centre to ensure treatment can begin immediately,” said Takaful Brunei Marketing Executive Officer, Nazmi Hj Souyono.

Takaful Brunei Marketing Executive Officer Nazmi Hj Souyono speaking to The Bruneian. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

With the right Takaful coverage, travelers are comforted and reassured that medical treatment bills are settled with TBA’s Guaranteed Payment along with 24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance Service that will guide travelers throughout.

Protection coverage also includes Emergency Medical Evacuation to the nearest medical centre/hospital and Repatriation of up to B$1 million back to Brunei Darussalam.

Moreover, TBA encourages frequent travelers to take up the Musafir Takaful Annual Plan, a more cost-effective option than the per trip package.

The annual plan covers travelers throughout an entire year without having to renew their Takaful certificate before every trip.

Travelers checking in at the Brunei International Airport. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

The cost of an individual annual plan for ASEAN destinations is B$277.00 while worldwide coverage is B$402.00 and is available with a special 20% discount through the Takaful Brunei Mobile app.

According to Nazmi, the Musafir Takaful has protected up to 15,000 travelers by the end of November 2019.

“TBA has covered over B$90,000.00 for baggage loss/damages and medical expenses abroad since 2018 to November 2019.”

There has been reports of Bruneian travelers without any travel protection who experienced medical emergencies and were forced to faced large financial burdens due to medical expenses abroad.

“This proves the reality of unforeseen risks travelers face while travelling abroad, especially in a group or family setting.” said Nazmi.

As Takaful Brunei puts customer convenience at the heart of everything they do, customers can apply for the Musafir Takaful through the Takaful Brunei Mobile app to give an enhanced customer experience via a faster and more convenient channel.

Previously, customers would have to go to the nearest TBA counter or call the TBA Call Centre. However, with the Takaful Brunei Mobile app, they can get coverage with just a click of a button in less than 10 mins.

A traveler going to the departure hall, riding up the escalator with a TBA advert on its side at the Brunei International Airport. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

“We find that majority of our customers want to fully utilize the benefits of fintech and be able to get Takaful protection when and wherever they want. With the new Takaful Brunei Mobile app, we made sure that is possible,” said Nazmi.

For more information, interested applicants can give TBA’s Call Centre Quotation & Online Payment Service a call at 2244000, go to any of TBA’s nearest branches or visit



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