One of the cast members for Musical Mania 3 showing snippet of the upcoming musical production. Image: The Bruneian

Relentless Entertainment (Relentless) is back with its third installment of Musical Mania, featuring live stage performances from popular musical theatre shows and songs from pop icons.

The events and entertainment company, which is known for its large-scale musical production, will be organising the musical on February 2 and 3 at Jerudong International School Arts Centre Theatre.

Musical Mania 3 is slated to play three shows throughout the two-day event; premier show on Day 1 at 7.30pm while Day 2 will be at 1.30pm and 7.30pm.

The performance is comprised of two acts that will be brought to live by 66 talented local cast members, keeping audience entertained for two hours.

Act 1 will showcase all-time favourite fairy tale numbers such as The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Anastasia, Cinderella as well as The Greatest Showman, among others.

Founders of Relentless Brunei Amy Cheong (L) and Sumardi Hedus (R) with cast members of the upcoming Musical Mania 3. Image: The Bruneian

Meanwhile, Act 2 includes line up of pop songs from Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys and Queen – a new addition to the Musical Mania production that will definitely make you to sing along and reminisce the good old days.

“It will be song after song, performance after performance with a little story in between giving audience a little bit of context, not just songs all the way. There are 28 numbers altogether and some are medleys,” said the co-founder of Relentless, Amy Cheong.

Cheong also said that it took the team four weeks to put the show together – the shortest period compared to their previous performances which were about six weeks to two months.

Relentless has worked with numerous local talents since its inception 11 years ago providing avenue for aspiring actors, singers and dancers to perform and showcase their crafts.

One of the cast members for Musical Mania 3 showing snippet of the upcoming musical production. Image: The Bruneian

For Sumardi Hedus, another co-founder of Relentless, he hoped that more people will give their appreciation and support to the local performing arts scene.

“We have so many talents in Brunei and for us, we put a platform for people to have a chance to showcase what they have,” he said, adding that the company has talents from as young as five to 51 years old.

In 2013, Relentless produced its first musical which was an original dubbed “Enchanted Forest” before returning with musicals Poppins in 2015 and Belle in 2016.

The establishment then produced two shows in a year namely; Musical Mania and Shrek in 2017 followed by Musical Mania 2 and Cinderella last year.

The eighth musical production is supported by Progresif Cellular, YippyTune Musical School, Mixmediaworx, The Coffee Bean Brunei and Offset Printing House.

Tickets are priced at $25, $35 and $45 which are available for purchase at The Coffee Bean Brunei branches in Times Square Shopping Centre, Supa Save Mata – Mata, Centrepoint and Supa Save Seria, YippyTune Music School in Gadong Central and Kiulap (just below Fitness Zone).

For more details, contact them at 824322 / 7186225 or follow them on Instagram @relentlessbrunei



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