Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Musical Mania 3 was definitely colourful, lyrical, emotional and everything magical, leaving everyone hysterical with high energy performances.

The eighth musical production by Relentless Entertainment was played in front of several hundreds of people who were in awe right from the moment they were welcomed to wonderland.

It was not the first time that the events and entertainment company garnered audience attention with its spectacular large-scale theatrical show; the latest show was by far the best.

Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Last weekend, new and returning spectators spent a good two-hour sitting at the Arts Centre of Jerudong International School as they immersed into wonderland through Acts 1 & 2.

In the first part of the play, the audience had a tea party with the mad hatter, became a guest of Lumiere at the Beast’s castle, painted a sky full of a million dreams and listened to the strong desire of Little Mermaid to be human, among other popular musical theatre.

As the musical entered the second hour of the show, guests were surprised with the pop element featured for the first time ever in the Musical Mania series.

For the first number of Act 2, the arts centre were filled with screams as the crowd cheered to the songs of the popular British girl group Spice Girls followed by the heart throbbing Backstreet Boys to the astounding beats of the iconic pop star Michael Jackson.

The third installment of Musical Mania was brought to live by 66 local cast members who worked sweats and tears for four weeks to put the show together with the help of professional coaches.

Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Not only their performances were amazing, the backstage crew who pushed and pulled backdrops and props used during the entire show were the best supporting ‘actors’.

It may look all fun and entertaining on stage but in a theatrical production such as this, the people working behind the curtains played a crucial role to make the whole performance as in sync and flawless as possible.

Prior to starting the show, all cast members had their final pep talk with Relentless co-founders Sumardi Hedus and Amy Cheong who are also the choreographers of the musical.

“You guys are making a difference, pushing boundaries and pioneering the creative arts industry in Brunei. I am thankful for everyone who supported the show and do your very best,” said Cheong choked up.

Sumardi concluded the emotional moment by asking everyone to say thank you to one another, showing appreciation on the great effort done in making the show day happened.

Musical Mania 3 was played in three shows for two days and it ended in high note. It was an unforgettable performance by talented youths and also proved that Bruneians are capable of producing musical shows of high standard.

Relentless has been serving the local performing arts scene for the past 11 years, scouting talents and providing avenue to many young aspiring actors, singers and dancers to showcase their crafts to a large audience.

In 2013, the company produced its first musical which was an original dubbed “Enchanted Forest” before returning with musicals Poppins in 2015 and Belle in 2016.

The establishment then produced two shows in a year namely; Musical Mania and Shrek in 2017 followed by Musical Mania 2 and Cinderella last year.



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