National-scale events in the capital is a “good business”

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Waqiuddin Rajak


ANY national event held in the capital at Taman Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien is a cause for celebration especially for businesses located within the town square.

Participants of the giant parade will normally begin to fill up the town square as early as 5am and as always the first to welcome the huge wave of people swarming into the capital are the wide range of eateries that have been eagerly preparing for the crowd.

From locally owned family restaurants to big corporate franchises, competition during these occasions bring out the very best from every outlet. Not satisfied with having customers come in for a meal or just hang around for coffee, some even send out extra servers to cater to those standing in the streets.

They would also bide their time in these outlets before they can conveniently make their way home.

The hustles and bustles during the national day celebration is a much anticipated hype for the eateries – especially those that have been around close to a decade.

So besides from being well-prepared, some had also devised a strategy to market its outlet effectively and rake in more profit.

Phoan Pey Shin from Babu’s Kitchen said her restaurant would ready its ingredients and stocks by 3am, with the staffs coming in as early as 4.30am every time the capital saw national-scale celebrations.

The strategy lies in the smooth handling of the operation, said Phoan, because people would continuously come – and the restaurant would have to make sure they have seats and tables, with staffs ready at hand to serve them.

Waiters were also told to give more attention to when customers finished their meals – and efficiently collect them and prepare the table for other customers lining up for seats.

“We have been through this many times, so we are very much prepared to handle these kinds of (stress),” said Phoan.

“Even though tomorrow there is a national cycling event for the BandarKu Ceria, we know we can handle them well,” she added.

The Coffee Bean, on the hand, has different strategies to handle the overflow of customers.

Senior Outlet Manager Kamariah Kamwahi told The Bruneian that the outlet focuses more on branding strategies – giving specialised discount and promotions in conjunction to the event celebrated in the capital.

For the national day’s 34th anniversary, The Coffee Bean is giving out a 34 per cent on all of its food and beverages – and this is amplified better in the capital since it is located just across the main venue for the event.

But having a national-scale event held in Bandar Seri Begawan is not the only way to promote or to rake in more profit, said the senior outlet manager, as there are other ways businesses can leverage on.

For The Coffee Bean, she said the outlet in the capital do have an exclusive discount for those with offices in Bandar Seri Begawan – encouraging them to come and buy products from the outlets.

“It is just a matter of (devising) the best strategy, one that would sit well with the kind of businesses being operated,” said Kamariah.