Group photo of winners of the 2nd Sure Win giveaway event. Image: Courtesy of NBT Brunei

NBT Brunei’s customers brought home amazing prizes during the second round of the “Sure Win” giveaway event held earlier today at The Mall, Gadong.

The lucky winners consisted of those who purchased any Toyota models from October 11 until October 20, 2019.

During the event, customers were asked to choose from a total of 100 envelopes containing prizes ranging from $30 to $50 petrol vouchers, $100, $500, $1,000 and $2,000 shopping vouchers.

Winner of the $2000 shopping voucher during NBT Brunei’s Sure Win Event, Hj Mohd Alimin. Image: Rafidah Hamit

Taking home the grand prize of $2,000 shopping voucher was Hj Mohd Alimin Hj Mohd Hassan who purchased a Toyota Rush on October 18.

“I left home this morning thinking if I get the main prize then it is my rezeki (sustenance), if I don’t, then at least I came down to try my luck.”

“So you can imagine the shock when I actually did get the main prize! My heart was pounding with excitement and I’m grateful that it happened.”

NBT Brunei held their Sure Win event at The Mall, Gadong on Friday. Image: Rafidah Hamit

Hj Mohd Alimin said he plans on using the winnings for an upcoming family holiday trip to Malaysia.

“I can’t wait to treat my wife and three children. Alhamdullilah for the rezeki.”

The giveaway event is part of NBT’s latest promotion: 6 Giveaway Events in 60 days with $60,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

The latest promotion is for customers who purchase a Toyota vehicle from October 1, 2019 until November 30, 2019.

NBT Brunei is holding a roadshow at The Mall, Gadong. Image: Rafidah Hamit

The first round took place last week on October 18 at the Bunut Toyota Showroom.

The Sure Win event was organised to thank and reward customers for their support towards the brand, read a press statement.

Simultaneously, NBT Brunei held a roadshow showcasing various vehicle models suitable for different walks of life from the Toyota Vios to the Toyota Rush.

A customer looking at one of the cars displayed at the NBT Brunei roadshow at The Mall, Gadong. Image: Rafidah Hamit

Members of the public can approach any of the friendly sales consultants to find out more about the models on display and current promotions.

Don’t forget to participate in their survey to get yourself a free exclusive NBT Cotton Bag.

The roadshow will take place until Sunday, October 27 from 10am to 10pm at the atrium of The Mall, Gadong.

One of the cars displayed at the NBT Brunei roadshow at The Mall, Gadong. Image: Rafidah Hamit



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