New generation of Mercedes-Benz A-Class launched

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Azrina Zin

Jati Transport has launched the all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class as part of their expanded compact line-up that promises customers a more luxurious and high-tech experience.

First unveil at their showroom last night, the fourth generation model is conceived as the car of the future packed with an impressive array of high-end technology.

For the Brunei market, Jati Transport is bringing in two versions of the Mercedes A-Class – the A200 and the A250.

Daniel Loo, Marketing Executive of Jati Transport, described the car as a “smartphone on wheels.”

He said the compact car has what it calls the most advanced human-machine interface that the automaker has developed.

The new generation A-Class debuts the all-new infotainment system, called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), and will be an integral part of the next generation of compact cars.

Its speech recognition capabilities can be activated by simply saying “Hey Mercedes” or by pressing the button on the steering wheel.

The uniqueness of the MBUX is that it continously learns the preference of its owner.

Furthermore, the interior borrows features from the S-Class, focusing on luxury and avant-garde finishes. The main highlight is the ambient lighting with 64 colours to choose from.

The latest A-class provides both the driver and passenger ample space for headroom and legroom compared to its previous model.

The exterior design is centred around Mercedes’s diamond-studded grille, along with an eye-catching LED headlights.

The design is more sportier compared to its 2012 predecessor with a more angular appearance and a downward sloping nose.

As for safety features, the A-class is also the Mercedes to offer the latest driving assistance system featuring Active Lane Change Assist, Active Emergency Stop Assist and many more.

Overall, the high technologies, infotainment systems and safety devices provide the A-class with an increasing level of sophistication and automation for its customers.

“We strongly believe that the new A-class will be a game changer for Mercedes-Benz and we foresee an increase in sales due to this,” said Loo.

Visit Jati Transport in Beribi to book a test drive with the latest Mercedes A-Class.

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