The scrumptious Waroeng Penyet’s Green Chilli Penyet. Image: Wardi Wasil

Ready to take your taste buds on an adventure?

Well, say no more because three franchises under Freshco Management have revealed an array of new dishes that are guaranteed to whet your appetite.

From the sweet-and-salty, the spice and chocolate drinks on ice, there’s a treat to fit everyone’s palate.

Spice up your life with Waroeng Penyet’s Green Chilli Penyet

Known for serving traditional Indonesian cuisines the franchise has upped their game by introducing a quintessentially Indonesian element to its signature dish; Green Chilli Penyet.

The Green Chilli Penyet gives an extra spicy kick for those who can handle a strong spice on their penyet. Catering to the Bruneian palate, the dish is a taste of Nusantara that packs a punch without being too overwhelming.

It can also be enjoyed in a variety of ways through a selection of main dishes including; Nasi Goreng Penyet, Indomee Penyet or simply with plain rice at the same pricing of $5.90.

Waroeng Penyet is located at Freshco Batu Satu, Times Square Shopping Centre, KB Sentral, Kompleks Berjaya Tutong, Venice Lodge Hotel and Aman Hills Shopping Centre.

Auntie Anne’s Salted Egg Lava Cheese Pretzel Bites. Image: Wardi Wasil

Going for Gold with Auntie Anne’s Salted Egg Lava Cheese Pretzel Bites

The salted egg craze is alive and well in Brunei, and here to join the bandwagon of sweet and salty goodness is the world-renowned pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s.

Combining two of Bruneians’ favourite flavours, salted egg and cheese, the Salted Egg Lava Cheese Pretzel Prize is a goldmine of explosive flavour, as the bites are filled generously with golden lava of salted egg and cheese.

Auntie Anne’s Salted Egg Lava Cheese Pretzel Bites. Image: Wardi Wasil

Encased in a pastry that crumbles with every bite, its a texture and taste combo that brings both crunch and comfort at an affordable price. The four-piece pretzel bites are $3.20 per order.

Auntie Anne’s has six branches throughout the sultanate; Freshco in Batu Satu, Times Square Shopping Centre, Aman Hills Shopping Centre, One City Shopping Centre, KB Sentral Shopping Centre and Berjaya Complex in Tutong District.

Tealive’s Mint Choc Smoothie Shaka Lava. Image: Wardi Wasil

Relax and Refresh with Tealive’s Choc Shaka Lava

As residents of tropical Brunei Darussalam we are all familiar with those days where the heat can get overwhelming.

But don’t sweat because Tealive’s brand new series; the Choc Shaka Lava is bound to cool you down with its Milk Choc Shaka Lava and Mint Choc Smoothie Shaka Lava.

The former – a combination of milk, chocolate lava and Oreo cookies – is a perfect pick-me-up on days where you’re out and about, and thirsting for something to jolt your senses in between errands.

Tealive’s Milk Choc Shaka Lava. Image: Wardi Wasil.

The latter – which is a mint choco smoothie with chocolate lava and Oreo cookies – on the other hand, is a good companion for when you’re overcome with Brunei’s heat and humidity.

Get ready to be awashed with its refreshing mint chocolate goodness and expect to be cooled off with every sip. 

The Milk Choc Shaka Lava is priced at $4.00 for the regular size and $5.00 for a large while the Mint Choc Smoothie Shaka Lava is priced at $5.20.

The public can try out the Tealive’s new series at their outlet in Aman Hills Shopping Centre.



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