The National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) is currently considering the appointment of Brunei Darussalam’s football Head Coach.

The association has interviewed three notable candidates but no decision has been made on any particular individuals yet as technical and financial considerations are still being weighed.

The decision to appoint a Head Coach is based on NFABD’s desire to produce a formidable team Brunei Darussalam can be proud of, NFABD said in a statement.

NFABD acknowledged that among the problems Brunei usually faced in achieving such was due to the lack of preparations.

Image courtesy of NFABD

NFABD holds a strong desire to change that, to prepare the team early so that players selected into the National Team would not only be fit but also match-ready.

“By appointing a Head Coach, NFABD expected a different approach – as well as a different outcome,” it added.

The three candidates that have been interviewed were all notable in their own ways; they all have quite a number of achievements and very proven track records.

Taking into account the number of speculations made by international media, NFABD would like to reiterate that no decision has been made yet.

In addition, NFABD would like to inform that it will be announcing the result when the time is right and hope any decision made by the end of this will be the best for Brunei and its football fraternity.



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