The iconic Nissan emblem. Image: Shutterstock

Boustead, the sole distributor of Nissan vehicles in Brunei, will be hosting the “Nissan Intelligent Mobility Roadshow” from October 24 until 26 October at Supa Save, Seria.

The event aims to create awareness particularly in vehicle performance, comfort and safety driving with the advance of NIM (Nissan Intelligent Mobility) features and technologies that Nissan has to offer.

Throughout the two-day event, customers are able to enjoy the models showcased at the roadshow which includes the Nissan Terra, Nissan X-Trail & Nissan Nacara.

File photo of the Nissan Terra equipped with Kenstyle body kits unveiled at the Nissan showroom. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

What’s more exciting is that attendees are also able to take the latest Nissan models for a test drive where all models displayed are awarded a 5-star safety rating from ASEAN N-Cap.

In addition, visitors will also be able to enjoy the best deals offered with the Nissan Brunei “Flash Sale – Pay In 2020” promotion

The roadshow is open to public where they can make further inquiries and will also receive a free voucher from Coffee Bean.

For more information, you can follow Nissan Brunei on its Instagram or Facebook page @nissan_brunei



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