No internet required: BIBD’s contactless payment system

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BIBD staff members demonstrating how the NFC mobile payment works. Image: Azrina Zin

Azrina Zin

Starting next year, Bruneians will be able to make payments just by waving or tapping their phones over point-of-sale terminals even without an internet connection.

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) through its latest NEXGEN wallet service will be the first in the sultanate to adopt this method, which made use of the Near Field Communication (NFC) wave to allow seamless data transfers between two devices.

Using this new system, customers would only have to tap or hold their NFC-enabled smartphones over the corresponding terminal and input their pin when prompted to complete their transactions.

The new service is slated for an official launch in January 2019, with 1,500 local merchants and over 30 million businesses abroad ready to support the system – but it will only be available for Android smart phones until further notice.

Unlike the bank’s latest QuickPay system, the NFC payment method does not require an internet connection for customers to proceed with their payments – but it still needed for them to update their balances.

At the interim however, BIBD will only enable up to five offline transactions, limiting each to $100.

In addition, BIBD is also looking to collaborate with major mobile payment providers including AliPay and WeChat Pay to improve its fintech capabilities to push its cashless transformation efforts onto Brunei.

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