The full version of the game-based e-learning solution Mindtrex Academy is set to launch next month, featuring data analytics to track students’ strength and performance as well as a leaderboard system that will reward users with vouchers from various vendors in Brunei.

A subsidiary of a local startup, Mindplus, the Mindtrex Academy application has garnered over 800 registered users since its release last year, with daily active users increasing by the hour, as e-learning rises in prominence due to the pandemic.

This was revealed by the Co-founder of Mindtrex, Pg Mohd Khairi Pg Hj Metussin on the sidelines of an event to celebrate Mintrex users who scored five ‘A’s during their Primary School Assessment (PSR) Examinations last year.


“Education cannot wait,” he said, believing that the emergence of new data-driven and behaviour shaping technologies has enabled quality content to be delivered to the masses in a more efficient and personalised way.

“But technology can also be utilised to empower a child to self-learn, self-assess and master critical knowledge even with minimal adult supervision,” he added.

A pilot test conducted prior to the release of Mindtrex showed that a number of selected students from four different schools in the sultanate experienced an improvement of 22 to 131 per cent in their examination or assessment with the help of Mindtrex.

The whole Mindtrex Academy team in a group photo with students of the e-learning platform who have achieved 5 ‘A’s in their PSR. Image: Wardi Wasil

Currently, the Mindtrex application features five subjects aimed at students of Year Four to Year Six namely; Science, Mathematics, English, Bahasa Melayu and Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) with additional interactive and fun learning features.

Through Mindtrex, students are able to go through notes, video tutorials and quizzes to test their knowledge while being guided with the correct answers and solutions that not only cater to students of all levels but also content that is designed and reviewed by subject experts and teachers.

Students are also able to go through exams and tests through the application from its exam simulation features whereby the questions featured are based on exam papers and past year papers while being accompanied by real-time timers.

Co-founder of Mindtrex Academy, Pg Mohd Khairi Pg Hj Metussin pictured with a student of the e-learning platform. Image: Wardi Wasil

With its full launch next month, the Mindtrex application will feature a leaderboard system whereby students are able to compete against each other to climb up the ranks and win exciting prizes.

Furthermore, students that perform exceptionally well through Mindtrex will be rewarded with vouchers from various vendors in Brunei, acting as an incentive to help motivate students towards improving themselves.

Speaking on the future growth of Mindtrex, Pg Khairi is hoping to evolve the e-learning platform to not only include a syllabus for secondary students who are about to sit for their ‘O’ Level Examinations.

One of the students of Mindtrex Academy posing for a photo along with their parents. Image: Wardi Wasil

“For now we may be focussing on students in their foundation years, but with the framework and platform being ready and also flexible, we can move towards other areas of education, all we need to do is work on the different content,” he said.

He expressed hopes of developing Mindtrex into a holistic e-learning platform that can be used throughout one’s school and work life, envisioning to include corporate learning into their portfolio due to the rising demand for digital and automated administration.

“There is a learning process for each company, and for the most part, the onboarding or recruitment process, which involves disseminating the company policy is done through manual or conventional methods,” he went on to say.


“Things however are moving very fast and everyone wants to go digital so with an application like Mindtrex, the supervisor or the boss will be able to track the progress of their employees easily,” he added.

You can register and download Mindtrex Academy at Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.



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