Homegrown perfume retailer Oudh Al Aswad began with its founder’s fascination for the fragrance following his pilgrimage to Jeddah a decade ago.

Oudh, the Arabic name for agarwood, has thus become synonymous with the Middle-East, despite exclusively grown in Southeast Asia, said Hj Raduan Hj Lamuddin.

It is said that oudh is the most expensive natural raw material in the world, and that high-quality agarwood can even cost almost as much as gold.

“Oudh is considered as a cultural touchstone and highly prestigious there,” said Hj Raduan, who opened his store in 2013.

Hj Raduan believes in the quality and the power of scent, which is why Oudh Al Aswad only uses the finest local-grade agarwood. The exclusivity of Oudh Al Aswad fragrances is the result of the perfect balance.

“We take pride in our reputation for quality. Our strong, musky agarwood notes conjure a sophisticated scent,” he added.

The Oudh Al Aswad collection, borrowing inspiration from across the world, combines a collection of three – the Kingdom Collection, Luxury Collection and Artisan Collection.

Recently, the store debuted its ‘Oudh Baginda’ collection — one of the first perfumes inspired by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam —which has become the best-selling fragrance at the shop.

The fragrance carries bold notes of the finest agarwood, as well as an enticingly dark, warm blend of cinnamon and sandalwood that offers a strong staying power. 

There’s also citrusy zest of bergamot and lemon and a touch of floral notes that makes this concoction particularly intoxicating.

“It was a big milestone for Oudh Al Aswad to present a scent worthy of His Majesty,” said Hj Raduan.

The founder said he hopes to see Oudh Al-Aswad recognised internationally.

“Our vision is to become a destination for niche perfumes in Brunei and curate the finest oudh experiences for our customers. We constantly strive to bring something new for our loyal customers,” added Hj Raduan.

Oudh Al Aswad recently opened its second branch at Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah shopping complex in the capital.



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