Pakistani art exhibition at Malay Technology Museum

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Pictures by Waqi

Waqiuddin Rajak

TWO Pakistani veteran artists are in Brunei, showcasing their artwork while at the same time conducting painting and calligraphy workshops at the Malay Technology Museum.

Besides selling their art, the two artists, Zulfikar Ali Zulfi and Maseera Rehman, are looking to find Brunei-related inspiration.

Zulfikar Ali has been in the art scene for 35 years, excelling in Islamic calligraphy while at the same time pride himself with painting beautiful landscapes and living subjects.

Artworks he showcased at the museum ranged from mosques, horses and calligraphic strokes, with nine of his paintings already sold to Bruneian customers.

Maseera Rehman who lives in the UK is an artist specializing in oil and watercolour paintings as well as glass arts, but is open to any medium she can find in expressing her artistic talent.

Both of them are first-time visitors to Brunei and they are still in the process of understanding the Bruneian art scene.

“But what I think can help Brunei improve its art scene is to have a national centre, a kind of a museum where local artists can showcase their artworks for a certain period of time,” said Zulfikar.

He explained that besides being commissioned to paint an artwork, artists worldwide would usually need to arrange for a showcase to find prospective customers, who may also end up buying their displays.

This he said, is the scene in Pakistan, where market for local artworks is big as most people would prefer to display them at least as a decorative in both their business and living spaces.

A painting, he shared, may cost at least hundreds, with Zulfikar already earning thousands through the nine paintings he sold by showcasing it in the museum.

“I am very sure that Brunei is full of talented people.  All the more, Brunei is a very beautiful country; a lot of the sceneries here are perfect for paintings,” he said.

Echoing the same was Maseera, who had her go at showcasing her artistic talents in the United Kingdom; a country that has a lot of avenues for artists to exhibit their artworks.

“But especially to the young and budding artists, they should also aspire to move beyond the borders,” she said.

“Art is universal and it relates to everyone worldwide.  An artist should not just limit themselves to whatever they can find in their surrounding because by going beyond the borders, they will definitely find other things that will help them improve their perspectives on art,” she added.

Both artists will be showcasing their artworks at the museum until March 30, while also conducting workshops glass arts and Islamic calligraphy.