ELEGANTLY nestled on the first floor of Annajat Complex, the newly opened dessert store – The Belgian Company – intrigues one to enter and lets you discover an array of delightful Belgian chocolates.

The idea to have the chocolate place came when four sisters decided to take over the place from a fellow business friend, realising their plan to own a physical store.

In an interview with The Bruneian, the co-owner of The Belgian Company Alin Marsal said that they wanted to have something different and unique for the local market.

View of the interior where the chocolates are displayed
The Belgian Company welcoming customers with several samples.

“We see that there is no such place selling these Belgian chocolates and to have them displayed… it is known to be one of the best chocolates in the world,” she said.

At the chocolate store, the premium quality chocolate pieces are placed in a glass display allowing customers to make their selections before indulging the sweet treats.

“What’s unique about us is that we sell the chocolates as they are. The chocolates are not ready wrapped and packed so that people can see for themselves. We sell them by weight instead of per item,” said the co-owner.

Talking about venturing into a business, Alin said: “In my family, my mother loves to do business starting from our grandmother. They used to buy and resell clothes back in the old days… it runs in the family and so we decided to do this (business).”

For Alin and her sisters, they have been utilizing the social media platform as a means to do their business online selling food products.

Moreover, the decision to open the chocolate business is also partly due to the sisters’ love for chocolates.

“At first, we are not sure but we want to try and so far, Alhamdullilah the products are well received by Bruneians. The response has been positive since we opened for about one month ago,” she said, adding that people found out about the store via social media.

The Belgian chocolates are available in three variants which are the milk, white and dark chocolates, each with different fillings and flavour.

“For the chocolates, we make sure that they are halal and we have a supplier who can get them directly from Belgium. After opening for a month, we know what the preferred ones are. There are also customers who want just plain milk chocolate which we don’t really have now because everything has fillings, nuts and ganache,” said the 39-year-old.

Not only the sweet delicacies are enjoyed by local customers, the Belgian chocolates are also favoured by tourists who will get them as gifts for their family back home.

The drive to do business which Alin shared with her siblings is also partly to answer the call of His Majesty’s titah to be pro-business and self-sustain so as to create a more dynamic development together towards achieving Vision 2035.

“It is hoped that business will stay, grow bigger and the local market be aware of our presence here and they don’t need to travel far to get good quality chocolates,” concluded Alin.



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