Progresif’s latest home WiFi offerings are indeed value for money; increased speed and more data with affordable prices that cater to the needs of every Bruneian household.

Introduced on 1 April 2021, the salesco has gifted its WiFi subscribers automated speed and data upgrades where users with 20Mbps were boosted to 50Mbps at no hidden costs.

The new migration plans by Progresif are greater and faster than ever with hopes to realise Brunei’s vision to be a more connected nation and enhance the salesco’s customer experience.

“What we are trying to do is to give more value back to our customers and migration is one way of doing so,” said its Chief Corporate Strategy Officer, Johan Johar.

The upgrades are not only for Progresif Home WiFi plans but also Home Unlimited, One Office and Bundles.

New One Home WiFi Plan

For its Home WiFi, Progresif has designed three plans that suit the data needs of customers. What makes the plans even better is that customers can enjoy an optional free $10 monthly fixed line and free installation worth $100.

Image courtesy of Progresif

Progresif lets you choose as much data as you need and only pay for what you consumed at the end of the month.

If one is new to Progresif’s Home WiFi plan, you may try its entry level plan of $30 per month with 50GB and speeds up to 20mbps.

For higher speeds, you can choose between the 50Mbps or 100Mbps plans. The former gives you a sizeable data of 125GB for $40 and the latter has a bigger data of 250GB at just $55.

Double Double WiFi plans

What’s more exciting and rewarding, the salesco currently has two promotional offerings for its $55 monthly plan or better known as “Double Double WiFi” plans!

This plan is an ideal option for users who prefer to have more data or faster internet speed – for the same price.

You can enjoy seamless connectivity and “Double Your Speed” at 100Mbps with 250GB or “Double Your Data” with 500GB at 50Mbps.

Image courtesy of Progresif

The “Double Double WiFi” plans are currently priced at $55 per month and those who sign up before 30 June 2021, will enjoy savings worth $48.

The exclusive rate is valid for the first 12 months or 18 months of subscription before reverting to its usual price of $59 in the next cycle.

Moreover, subscriptions to both plans are inclusive of monthly fixed line rental of $10 and customers can choose between free installations worth $100 and a Lifestyle Rewards voucher of $100.

New Home Unlimited Plan

The faster the speed and the more data for your WiFi, the more unlimited your connectivity with Progresif is! 

Other than the Double Double WiFi plans, the salesco also has four other options for customers with bigger household and greater usage.

Tailored specifically to those who love their terabytes, Progresif has data from 1TB to 2.5TB with prices below $300.

Image courtesy of Progresif

For monthly payment of $100, one will enjoy 1TB data on speeds up to 50Mbps and a slightly bigger data of 1.5TB with 100Mbps speed at $150.

Whereas, for the same speed of 100Mbps but a more substantial 2TB data, the plan is priced at $175. 

Progresif’s top plan so far is the 2.5TB with speeds up to 200Mbps priced at $300.

Lifestyle Rewards

With improving customers’ experience in mind, Progresif also introduced its new promotional bonus rewards vouchers valued at $100, $200 and $500 which are given those who sign up with some of their new Home WiFi plans.

These vouchers can be used at retail outlets such as Incomm, Digital World, Game Central, Netcom, Game On and Chong Hock.

What’s more, customers who receive the vouchers will also get to enjoy first month free on their Home WiFi plan and receive a free three-month subscription to Progresif Media.

Talking about listening to what customers want, Progresif’s Chief Corporate Strategy Officer noted that customer’s experience is one of the key areas the salesco is keen to bank on.

“Customers appreciate knowing the details up front… the transparency. We recently had a survey to understand the feedback on us; the brand, pricing and products. They (feedback) have been positive,” said Johan, adding that comments are considered for future product planning.

Enjoy limitless benefits with Progresif today by visiting any of their nearest store or call them at 177. 

For latest updates, follow them on Instagram @thatsprogresif

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