It was a watershed moment for Brunei’s media and content industry, as Progresif launched Brunei’s first digital media streaming platform, the much-anticipated Progresif Media. 

From the nostalgic ‘Bintang Kecil’, the cult classics like ‘Misteri Rumah Nina’, to new films like ‘Akademi’, and even homegrown TV shows like ‘Sudah Kah Belum’, the new streaming platform is a treasure trove of Bruneian content. 

The milestone was commemorated in a launch event on Wednesday night which was held at the Progresif Headquarters in Kg Kiarong.

“Think Netflix – meets – Spotify – meets – Progresif Radio, with content curated to the Brunei market, showcasing the best local content alongside the best of Hollywood and the region”, said CEO of Progresif, Hjh Nurul Haniah Hj Jaafar.

“Progresif Media is a platform that will open major possibilities for the local media and content industry, because creators will have a ready-made channel to host, and earn revenue from, their hard work”, she added.

With this in mind, the streaming channel will offer easier access to a broad range of local content across categories like film, classic TV shows, documentaries, entertainment and many more 

CEO of Progresif, Hjh Nurul Haniah Hj Jaafar during the Progresif Media launch event, Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Hjh Nurul Haniah said that the Progresif Media application is a very important milestone in support of His Majesty’s Wawasan 2035, which aims to see Brunei developed into a Smart, digitally-enabled nation that is equipped with all the tools needed to compete on a global level.

“Progresif began this journey when the brand was first launched in 2015, and each year we have been fortunate enough to see great progress on a number of fronts, and ushered in a number of firsts for Brunei, moving us ever closer to the goals of Wawasan 2035,” she said.

According to the CEO, Progresif has evolved from launching Brunei’s first internet radio app (Progresif Radio), to the first mobile wallet (Progresif PAY), the first events and ticketing platform (Progresif Events), as well as an online education platform (Progresif Minds). 

Some of the guests attending the Progresif Media launch event including Permanent Secretary at MTIC Hj Nazri Hj Muhammad Yusuf and Deputy Permanent Secretary at MoE, Dr Chin Wei Keh. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

“We have encountered many setbacks along the way, and continuously work hard to troubleshoot and improve our services, but Alhamdulillah we’re still moving forward on this path towards progress”, said the CEO.

A Platform for local stories

Fancy pitching your own show?

Progresif Media is giving local content creators and storytellers the opportunity pitch content ideas or submit their own creations to showcase their work to a wider audience via the streaming platform. 

“It is the perfect opportunity for anyone with a dream to tell  their story in any way they choose. Be it in a form of a 5-minute clip or a documentary about Brunei’s heritage, to a cooking show or maybe even a game show,” said Head of Progresif Media, Olivia Ong during the launching.

Head of Progresif Media, Olivia Ong during the launching. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

The online platform also presents an avenue for local storytellers and content creators to monetize their film or short videos. 

“Each dollar that everyone spends on Progresif Media will help contribute towards the content creators which will help provide them the needs to continue what they do best: storytelling,” she explained.

Redefining the creative arts in Brunei

On her part, Head of Brand Strategy, Hafiza Mohamad said that Progresif Media is about pushing the boundaries for local content, content creators, local arts and culture, to redefine what is possible for the local creative industry. 

“The beauty of it is that local producers have the ability to monetise the content get paid for every single stream their content receives, which improves on the current model whereby creators upload to Youtube and don’t get paid for their efforts,” she said.

“As one of our CSR pillars, supporting arts and culture has been an area of immense focus for Progresif for a number of years now,” she continued, adding that the company has always been working towards creating a content platform that will support local creators. 

According to Hafiza, Progresif has supported over 50 arts and culture events, has helped over 50 musical acts to record and perform singles, and worked with over 200 visual artists.

“We hope Progresif Media has the potential to inspire local storytellers to tell their own, truly authentic Bruneian stories, and have a platform to showcase these stories and talents shoulder to shoulder with the best content creators from the rest of the world,” she said.

Some of the offerings available on Progresif Media. Image: Courtesy of Progresif

With the launch of the new streaming platform, Progresif hopes to continue empowering homegrown talents with greater growth opportunities, with future plans to eventually extend its reach in the Southeast Asia region.

Something for everyone

The Progresif Media app is now available and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and the App Store. 

Initially launched as ‘Progresif Radio’ at the start of 2017, the app has already amassed over 10,000 downloads. 

Initially launched as Progresif Radio, the Progresif Media app is now available for download. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

The streaming platform currently offers three subscription plans that you can choose from; one month, three-months and six-months.

However, Progresif is offering free access to some of its content, such as the short drama by Syafi Halim, ‘Simpati’ but also an interview series with the people behind Brunei’s creative industry known as ‘The Industry’.

You can unlock the full library of exciting shows and movies at affordable prices, $15 a month, $40 for three-months and $60 for six-months

The subscription plans provide unlimited access to a wide range of genres  that are featured on the service, from drama and comedy, adventure and thrillers as well as animation right at your fingertips

Some of the offerings available on Progresif Media. Image: Courtesy of Progresif

For Korean movie go-ers! Progresif Media has got you covered. You can stream tvN’s Korean blockbusters from their well-loved classics such as ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ and the popular ‘Train to Busan’

You can also stream local classic series and documentaries that originally ran on RTB such as ‘Awang Saloi Modern’ or the 1980s Documentary, ‘Perusahaan Bumi Putera – Ambulong’

In addition to that, to help make your movie night more enjoyable, Progresif Media will also let you rent movies for as little as $3. 

Many exciting movies will be available to rent on the app featuring ‘The LEGO Batman’, ‘Blades of Glory’, ‘Downsizing’, ‘Searching’, ‘Yasmine’, ‘Primajaya’, among others



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