Information technology has undoubtedly become a key enabler to a nation’s development, particularly in this day and age where technology continues to grow at an exceedingly rapid pace. 

As every corner of the sultanate endeavours to play its own part in realising the goals of the Brunei Vision 2035, many are deliberate in their approach, fostering certain aspects of the local society that can push the country closer towards not only a dynamic and sustainable economy but also a Smart Nation. 

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For Progresif this means still serving the local community through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives but also imbuing these programmes with aspects of innovation and digitalisation. 

“Progresif has always believed in being more than just a telco company and we also believe that CSR plays a vital role for this organisation,” said Amilin Mat Sah of Progresif’s CSR and Sponsorship. 

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Since its introduction five years ago, Progresif’s CSR has always been driven by the market segment that they serve. 

During a time where there was an exponential growth in young entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners, the telco brand found itself resonating with the youth market. 

“We had so many young business owners that had come to us for advice, mentorship and guidance and we realised that the best way to nurture the youth and leaders of tomorrow is by giving them the platform (to) channel and create that sustainable ecosystem to achieve the Brunei Vision 2035,” he explained. 

Courtesy of Progresif

An example of this was shown during the launch of the first Progresif Experience Store at the Times Square Shopping Centre in March of this year, where the flagship store featured an in-built Concept Cafe that hosts local food and beverage startups. 

“The Progresif brand is emphasised by a strong CSR strategy built to help develop a partner ecosystem and establish a lifestyle,” he said.

Back in 2019, Progresif introduced its 1% pledge where Progresif promised that for every spending made with Progresif, the company will invest back 1% of their time, effort and resources back to the community. 

“We are more than just a telco company. We believe that we play a vital role in realising the Brunei Vision 2035 and transforming Brunei into a digital, dynamic and sustainable nation,” continued Amilin. 

He shared how the transformation of the telco industry and the consolidation of the nation’s network infrastructure, has helped Progresif grow beyond just mobile and in light of this,  Progresif as a business is committed to driving the country towards becoming a Smart Community as an enabler for a more dynamic and sustainable nation. 

The unrelenting drive Progresif has towards transforming Brunei into a Smart Community can be seen through one of their latest CSR projects, Progresif For Schools which was initiated last year in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. 

One of the main highlights of this project is the Donate Data programme where Progresif had sponsored infrastructure to provide ten local schools with broadband internet and 1TB worth of data per month.

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“This is to enable students to have access to online learning platforms and to ensure they receive the quality education they deserve. It represents one of our efforts in supporting the Brunei Vision 2035 of having highly educated, skilled and accomplished people,” he went on to say.

Subsequently, with the programme’s launch, a channel was also established for the public to donate their “data” for students and according to Amilin, to date, $10,000 worth of data has been donated by the public, reflecting their support toward’s the nation’s digital transformation agenda. 

Under the Progresif for Schools initiative, Progresif has also been actively visiting secondary schools across the nation to provide career advice to students. 

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This often includes introducing the students to what is considered as non-traditional industries, but are relevant in our modern-day contexts such as social media and E-sports. 

Another milestone for Progresif’s CSR this year within the education sector is the official MoU signing with Mindtrex Academy, which is the first Brunei-made application that provides game-based e-learning solutions for primary students from Year 4 to Year 6. 

When it comes to the communities they serve, Progresif is keen on supporting as many segments of society as they can. Though a majority are youth-centric initiatives, the underlying through-line between Progresif’s contributions to the local community is first and foremost innovation, and also, equality. 

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Last year, Progresif collaborated with ELFERA Health and Nursing to organise the IMPIAN Special Needs Resource Fair and Forum which gave a platform for families of differently-abled and medically complex children, professionals and thought leaders to gather and engage with each other on a number of relevant issues. 

From early intervention to the early stages of visual stimulation, IMPIAN covered a significant number of topics, conducted through webinars via Zoom which was later uploaded to Progresif Media, Progresif’s video and audio content streaming platform that aims to showcase original Bruneian content.

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The content is parked under Progresif MINDS, he added and can be consumed by the public for free. 

“Progresif will continue to break barriers, and to help local communities by leveraging on innovation and technology,” Amilin went on to say. 

“With Brunei’s 5G plans, Progresif is embarking towards Smart City and Smart Communities by deploying IOT and smart applications and solutions that will enhance productivity and quality of life,” he added.

Courtesy of Progresif

This article was first published on 15 July 2021 in our HM 75th Birthday Edition



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