ET hydrated and be energised throughout the day with the latest drink in town -Voda Collagen Water.

The beverage, which originates from Polland, contains 2.5 grams of collagen and Vitamin C with no sugar, no synthetic colours, no GMO and no allergens added into the liquid.

For $4.90 per bottle, there are six flavours to choose from at The Belgian Company located At Annajat Complex in Beribi.  Each of them comes with varying functions.

Voda Collagen Energy which comes in a green bottle helps to reduce tiredness and aims to maintain the youthful feeling of vitality in your body. It has a refreshing cucumber mint taste.

The bright yellow-coloured bottle Voda Collagen Relax has a juicy melon taste that is designed to help you enjoy the calming feeling of inner balance.

Meanwhile, the Voda Collagen Sport supports your organism before, during and after intensive physical activities. The energizing cocoa fruit taste of the orange bottle beverage is responsible for your strength and elasticity.

Collagen makes up most part of our skin and for those who takes great care of the skin, the Voda Collagen Beauty is perfect for you.

The pomegranate flavoured drink which comes in a pink bottle contains a significant amount of Vitamin C and portions of biotin and Vitamin A.

Voda Collagen AntiAge comes in smooth acai blueberry taste which provides effective antioxidants in natural olive extract, packaged in an elegant blue bottle.

Lastly is the Voda Collagen Focus whereby it contains protein vitamins and minerals that are crucial for proper cognitive system functioning.

The drink which has a distinct plum fig taste is designed to help you think sharp and comes in a dark purple bottle.

The establishment is currently having a promotion whereby you can get 50 per cent off for your fifth bottle, should you purchase five bottles with them.



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