Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Regus is inviting local startups to sign up for its ready-to-use offices as the international firm is currently giving out promotions for bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

With rates going for as low as $9.10 per day for a co-working space setup, the company hopes that its flexible rates could help budget-strapped startups grow.

Regus Country Head of Malaysia, Brunei & Indonesia, Vojayakumar Tangarasan in an interview with The Bruneian at the Regus office on 25/09/18. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

“By “flexible”, rental prices would be set not too high that it could trouble the startups and not too low as Regus also need to sustain its business,” said Vijayakumar Tangasaran, Regus’ Country Head for Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Regus rents out ready-to-use workstations and offices on the eighth floor of the PGGMB building in the capital.

Tangasaran said the facility caters to the surge of Bruneian startups which could exceed the available office spaces provided by the government and private companies.

Although some startup entrepreneurs prefer running their operations at their homes, Tangasaran said having an office allows them to work more efficiently, particularly when meeting with clients or having a physical mailing address.

Furthermore, tenants get to access Regus’ international network to further expand their business.

The company holds a portfolio of extending its services and centres across 900 cities in 120 countries, with 3,000 locations available for use by its registered members.

Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

“And we are also willing to offer all these for a flexible price, but it would also help if these startups can tell us the kind of setting they want so we can tailor to their needs,” said Tangasaran.

Regus is also in talks with various government agencies and private stakeholders to see how it could play bigger roles to pull Brunei out of the economic downturn.

Tangasaran said Regus came to Brunei in 2015 when the sultanate was hit with an economic recession.

“The company was aware of the crisis, but that didn’t stop us from coming here,” he said.

“But we couldn’t target large-scale businesses to rent our facilities. We had to adapt to the country’s economic climate, and that’s why we are helping local startups now,” Tangasaran added.

The company will be hosting an open week starting October 8 to 12, during which customers will be given free one-week passes to try out the facilities.

The full detail of the rates can be browsed over at Regus’ website



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