Polish chefs Marcin Budynek (R) and Marious Olechno (L) speaking to the media. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Rizqun Coffee House is working with Laksamana College of Business and the Embassy of Poland in Kuala Lumpur to feature, for the first time, a line-up of fine Polish cuisines tomorrow evening.

Two renowned chefs from Poland Marcin Budynek and Marious Olechno were flown into Brunei to demonstrate their culinary skills via a live cooking event at Rizqun Coffee House’s latest food promotion.

Poland’s Ambassador-Designate Profesor Krzysztof Debnicki is expected to launch the event.

The two Polish chefs Marcin Budynek (2nd R) and Marious Olechno (2nd L) in a group picture with Rizqun Coffee House culinary staff as well as members of the Embassy of Poland to Malaysia and Laksamana College of Business. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

The chefs’ spokesperson Jo Anna E Jurczyga said that besides featuring common Polish delights such as a variety of soups, the invited experts will also be lining up dishes that are popular in Tartar, a Muslim minority part of Poland.

She added however, that the two chefs are also looking forward to learn new recipes from Brunei and fuse them into their cooking.

Besides bringing Polish cuisines into Brunei, Jo Anna also hoped that the maiden official visit will also open up more business opportunities between Poland and Brunei.



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