RB staff seen learning from RB ilmu e-learning portal. Image: Courtesy of RB

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) has introduced a new e-learning platform RB ilmu for its staff, providing easy access for training and professional development.

The platform which was jointly designed and developed by RB and solutions provider Peak Pacific commenced operations yesterday.

RB ilmu is equipped with the capabilities to provide its staff with the learning accessibility anytime and anywhere they are based either locally or overseas without the need to physically attend a traditional training room setting.

RB Chief People and Performance Officer Kurt Harding said one of the airline’s initiatives is to design a new training solution and modernize the way staff learn.

“RB operates as an international airline in the global business environment. RB ilmu is introduced as a technology-driven platform tailored for our training needs that can support our business growth and manage our people resources more effectively across the globe,” he said.

Harding also said that Peak Pacific is the right fit for the collaboration as the solutions provider has the experience, resources and capabilities.

Introducing RB ilmu also falls in line with its mission to become an employer of choice by ensuring its staff are provided with opportunities to grow professionally as well as developing personal and proficient skills, he added.

“RB ilmu addresses this and will benefit our people through learning interventions that are flexible, improve their knowledge retention and are advantageous from both productivity and cost factor,” Harding said.

RB in a statement said that the introduction of RB ilmu marks a major shift in the airline’s training strategy to design a holistic training solution that will support and enhance learning for all RB staff.

The platform also allows RB the potential to develop the system further in order to incorporate its current training and development modules into the e-learning portal.

Peak Pacific is a HongKong-based company with partners in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States, providing technology-enabled solutions across aerospace, automotive, defence, healthcare, financial services and transportation / logistics industries.



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