For those looking for a new culinary adventure and fun setting, look no further as YELO, formerly known as Choices restaurant, recently revealed a brand new look and menu.

Between all the hustle and bustle of Bandar Seri Begawan, the newly-opened eatery is located at The Brunei Hotel. It is easy to spot by the vibrant yellow exterior that juxtaposes with the grey monochrome buildings around it.

Image: Zaim Kasmat

The rebranding includes a revamped interior and menu as the eatery wanted a design to reflect on the youth, and ultimately, to create a concept more in keeping with the younger demographics.

Whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast, a quick lunch or a late comfort dinner, YELO has something to satisfy any of your cravings – its new all-day a la carte menu features western fusion delights, pastries and desserts. It is open daily from 7am to 10pm.

Image: Zaim Kasmat

For customers looking for a quick bite to eat, they can order their own create-your-own sandwiches and salad, which ingredients you can choose from a variety of options.

From the colour scheme to the choice of furniture, YELO is all about creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for customers to relax and enjoy the good food.

Image: Zaim Kasmat
Image: Zaim Kasmat

The moment you step inside, YELO is sure to put you in a sunny disposition. You will be instantly captivated by its minimalist sun-soaked yellow interior and modern design.

Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural lighting to cascade into the space muted by the cool tones of blue creating a leisurely and relaxed ambiance for patrons to enjoy.

The inside space comfortably accommodates up to 46 customers, featuring cosy seating areas, with its sharing-tables making for a convenient workspace or for family dinners.

Image: Zaim Kasmat
Image: Zaim Kasmat

According to the restaurant, the colour yellow is predominantly featured in the design concept associated with the sun, symbolising optimism, energy, joy and friendship.

YELO is a locally incorporated cafe under the ownership of The Brunei Hotel, with the ambition of future expansion within the country’s major cities.

Image: Zaim Kasmat

The name YELO or You Enjoy Live Once, was inspired by the combination of the words ‘Hello’ and ‘YOLO’ (You Only Live Once).

General Manager of The Brunei Hotel, Andy Goh said: “We’re excited to welcome patrons to Yelo and can’t wait for guests to share our new relaxed and casual dining experience with us.”

“As The Brunei Hotel evolves and grows, we’re looking forward to sharing this newly reimagined cafe with both working professionals in Bandar during the day and young adults and families in the evening with its new concept and trendy setting,” he said.

Image: Zaim Kasmat

What’s on the menu?

Inspired by western dishes and vibrant Asian flavours, YELO is the best of both worlds and is a must for food enthusiasts looking to experience the innovative comfort dishes.

One of the main courses customers can dine on is the Braised Espresso Beef Short Ribs.

The juicy and succulent ribs are paired perfectly with the sweetness of the caramelized pear, grilled vegetables, eggplant and mashed potato to keep you satisfied.

Image: Zaim Kasmat
Image: Zaim Kasmat

Another hearty to choose from is the Crusted Coconut Salmon that features succulent baked salmon with tossed vegetables, carrot puree, brown rice and drenched in generous amounts of curry cream sauce.

On the sweeter side, the restaurant also includes a variety of desserts that will tempt your taste buds such as the Deconstructed Bubur Cha Cha with Coconut Sorbet and Black Glutinous Rice with Pandan Ice Cream.

Image: Zaim Kasmat

Moreover, the opening of the newly refreshed Cafe included the launch of a loyalty card, whereby patrons can collect stamps while dining in.

For more information and updates follow them on Instagram @bruneihotel or their Facebook page.



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