Brunei’s Shahnon Hj Basman posing for a picture with his mock cheque. Image: G530 Superteam


Brunei’s G530 Superteam cyclist Shahnon Hj Basman finished fourth in the junior master 160km category of the third CIMB Cycle 2019, which was recently held in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Shahnon who competed in the individual endurance race demonstrated an encouraging ride as he proved is mettle against close 3,700 amateur and professional riders from 26 countries.

Among those taking part in the race came from Britain, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Germany and South Africa – with organisers pitching them against one another in a very challenging environment.

“I am proud and grateful as this is my first competitive cycling after 2 months of serious and competitive training.  I didn’t put too much hope at first as there were great cyclers to compete with – I only told myself to do my best,” said Shahnon, who ended up in the 37th place last year.

“This is a good result for me, especially when I am preparing for the Brunei Classic in July.  After that, there will be a number of races in Borneo which will be important agendas for us,” he added.

Touching on the development of cycling in Brunei, Shahnon was happy with the encouraging participation from local cyclers at the third CIMB Cycle 2019.

“I believed it is appropriate for our riders to take part in competitions abroad, because they are more challenging and provide great exposure, especially to improve their skills,” he said.

“In addition, they can also interact with foreign riders and learn from their experiences,” he added.

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