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The Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) reminds all principals, occupiers, employers and self-employed persons to ensure that lifts used for carrying goods or passengers must be maintained and certified for use by an authorised examiner.

The statutory body in a press statement said that failure to do is an offence under the Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations, 2014.

Lifts are generally fitted with a number of safety features like safety brakes, door sensors, door closing devices, emergency evacuation features, emergency lighting, emergency power and fire emergency systems, among other safety considerations, said SHENA.

Under the regulations which can be accessed at lifts or elevators provided for use in work activities need to be inspected thoroughly by an authorised examiner at regular intervals every six months. This applies to lifts and hoists used to transport persons and loads.

Furthermore, SHENA also stated that all principals, occupiers, employers and self-employed persons are required to undertake a risk assessment particular to their activity in relation to the safety and health risks posed to people around and take extra measure to eliminate any foreseeable risks in the workplace, prior to commencing their work on site.

Should there be any questions concerning the operation of lifts, please contact SHENA at +673 238 2000 or email   



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