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Deciding on what kind of business to do does not come easy for budding entrepreneurs especially when the market is saturated with businesses selling almost the same products.

For Q’ Irfan and his business partner, they did not need to think hard when they come up with Shineblingz – a home-grown brand that specialises in fragrances.

The products sold by the house of fragrance maybe similar with existing ones but they took the extra mile to learn and create something of better quality and worth every penny.

Understanding on how products are made and knowing what ingredients to use are essential for a business owner so that they know what to explain to their customers about their products.

The 34-year old entrepreneur and his business partner spent their time and effort to learn about making the perfume abroad before making their debut.

Image: The Bruneian

“We took short courses in Singapore to learn about making perfumes and gained some knowledge with an established businessman in Bangkok about doing business as well as the mechanics of mixing fragrances,” said Q’ Irfan.

Thanks to their diligence and perseverance, they made five fragrances when they started their business officially in May 2015.

Although there might be similar products in the current market, it does not hinder them to produce their own fragrances and compete with quality.

The first few perfumes, he added, were tested out to their peers who gave feedbacks for improvement and after several trial and error, they successfully made home fragrance as their best-selling product to date.

Today, Shineblingz carry 20 types of scents each available in home fragrance with diffuser, room spray, car air freshener and body perfume.

Following the success of its inaugural product launch, they later opened their first physical kiosk at Rimba before opening bigger shop units at The Mall and Annajat Shopping Complex just in a span of three years.

The brand Shineblingz is no doubt has grown steadily and become well-known in the local market captivating customers with its long-lasting smell that lingers for days.

Image: The Bruneian

“We will normally listen to our customers on what smell they prefer and we tried our best to accommodate to it because you never know that others will like it,” said Q’ Irfan.

Having no prior background in running a business but only accounting knowledge, it is not much of a problem for him and his business partner.
What matters are their focus, trust and perseverance to run the business together.

“For us it is about focusing on our objective and we both do not merely spend our profits on lavish things although the urge is there. Even if we give some sponsorships, we would pay the products out of our own pockets,” said the young entrepreneur.

Talking about struggles in doing business at start, Q’ Irfan said that when they first placed their products in a cube store, no sales were made.

“Our capital was only $500 at that time and we made 20 bottles for each five fragrances we had. Seeing that no one bought the perfumes, we then decided to have some testers and let people smell them. No regrets, they love it,” reminisced the telco employee.

Currently, Shineblingz retains only one branch in Annajat Shopping Complex that caters to larger market and has plans to expand to Sabah.

The local brand has customers from across Malaysia and Singapore who are loyal customers of the fragrances since day one.

“For our packaging, everything is sourced locally as we believe in supporting local products and the prices are affordable too considering that they can customise to our requests. While for the raw materials or ingredients, they are sourced from abroad,” he said, adding that they mix their fragrances at home.

Q’ Irfan and his business partner are keen to come up with another range of product; fabric softener, set to be released before Raya this year.



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