The all-new SKODA Kaaoq sits comfortably on the road. Image: Azrina Zin

The all-new ŠKODA Karoq has a strong street presence and beautifully balanced exterior, displaying attention to detail that exceeds that of the other ŠKODA models.

As one gets behind the wheel of the crossover SUV, then only you can have the full taste of its performance while admiring its emotive and dynamic design.

At first sight, the profile of the Karoq looks similar to its brother Kodiaq as it borrows heavily in its design.

The dashing view of the rear of the SKODA Karoq. Image: Azrina Zin.

However, it does have its own signature style with its sharp-pressed and squared-off wheel arches.

Moreover, on the outside, the seven-seater’s front view exudes confidence and strength with its clean and angular design. Its boxy and wide design would surely appeal to the family-minded demographic.

The iconic ŠKODA DNA is strong throughout the vehicle with its distinctive C-shaped LED rear lights and sleek grill that gives Karoq an athletic design that you do not often see in the ŠKODA brand.

The striking headlight of the SKODA Karoq. Image: Azrina Zin

Once you step in, onto the driver seat, you will instantly notice the premium interior and intelligent features that make the SUV feels like home.

The Karoq offers a prestigious cabin for both driver and passengers to travel in supreme comfort.

The interior retains its utility and user-friendly layout but adds a dash of style displaying an elegant dashboard dominated by an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen display compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

A look inside the all-new SKODA Karoq. Image: Azrina Zin.

Adding to that, the high-rise seating position and the wide glass panels all-around manage to give the seven-seater an immense feeling of satisfaction. The ample space and cabin practicality is the highlight for the Karoq.

It continues to impress on the road; powered by the latest powertrain technology, underscored by the latest 1.5 TSI EA211 Evo engine, generating 150 hp and 184nm of torque.

The driving experience is exactly as you would expect; refined, progressive and smooth.

The dashing view of the rear of the SKODA Karoq. Image: Azrina Zin.

Furthermore, the Karoq offers comfort at the highest level making the drive from the showroom and around the Gadong highway a more comfortable and stable ride.

Adding to the comfort, the steering is light with enough grip and decent body control, so the driver feels more in composed and in control during the entire journey.

The SUV also won us over with its numerous safety features like the Park Assist, Lane Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Front Assist with Pedestrian Protection, and Emergency Assist.

A stunning view of the All-new SKODA Karoq. Image: Azrina Zin

All and all, the all-new ŠKODA Karoq combines agility and exceptional functionality.

Thanks to the accomplished performance and handling that is neatly delivered in a compact package, the ŠKODA Karoq definitely impresses at first drive.



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