Insurans Islam TAIB (IIT) announced the launch of the ‘Manang 10 Ribu Bersama Insurans Islam Taib’ promotion campaign where one lucky person stands a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000.

The campaign will take effect from October 19 to January 31, 2021 where new and renewal participants of Takaful products under IIT will also be able to win other cash prizes, including fuel vouchers during the campaign period.

According to IIT, one lucky winner will be taking home a Grand Prize of B$10,000.00 cash, while two lucky winners will be taking home a cash prize of B$2,000.00 each and weekly winners of $100 fuel vouchers.

The launch of Insurans Islam TAIB “Manang $10,000” campaign. Courtesy of Insurans Islam TAIB

“With 27 remarkable years as the first Takaful Company in Brunei Darussalam, IIT and its subsidiaries would like to first and foremost, say our utmost thank you to our participants for the support we have been receiving over the past years,” said the Acting Senior Executive Officer of the Marketing Division, Norshahrul Azim Hj Abd Rahman.

Under the new promotional campaign, individuals who participate in the selected Takaful schemes or plans, either as a new participant or as part of a renewal, will be eligible to take part in the ‘Manang 10 Ribu’ campaign.

The selected Takaful products are as such;

From the General Takaful

-“1st Party Motor Takaful” or “Comprehensive Motor Takaful”
-“House Owner Takaful”

From Family Takaful
-“Mortgage Takaful Plan for Hire Purchaser”
-“Siswa Takaful”
-“Teachers Takaful Plan”
-“Mortgage Takaful”
-“Personal Home Assistant Takaful”

Participants who are signed up under the selected Takaful products will be given a physical and will be required to scan the QR code on the voucher itself.

Among the attendees during the launch of Insurans Islam TAIB “Manang $10,000” campaign. Image courtesy of Insurans Islam TAIB

Upon signing, the participants will be required to complete their information, upload their Takaful policy, enter the serial number and click submit. A message saying that your form is submitted will indicate successful submission.

The more participation from the selected products, the more chances participants will stand a chance of winning.

IIT is supportive of all business channels, hence, for both companies, all participants whether through direct retail branches and desks, authorised agents and Bancatakaful partners as well as through our General Takaful Helpline @ 2223004 will be enrolled in the “MANANG 10 RIBU BERSAMA INSURANS ISLAM TAIB” promotional campaign upon the participation of the selected products.

The officials of Insurans Islam TAIB during the launch of its “Manang $10,000” campaign. Image courtesy of Insurans Islam TAIB



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