Tarindak D’Seni moving up in the rental space market 

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Waqiuddin Rajak

DESPITE being new to the rental space market, Tarindak D’Seni has already garnered more than enough clientele to amplify its name being one of the premium venues to host private and public events.

The building, which shared a compound with the Arts and Handicrafts Centre in the capital, began its operation in 2014 and has since then held various gatherings ranging from meetings and conferences to weddings and annual dinners.

Managed by Tarindak Restaurant and Catering, the success of the building in garnering clientele was shouldered by more than just the management’s marketing portfolio.

Business Planning Manager Idris Ahmad told The Bruneian that a portion of that success was also achieved due to the strategies outlined by its management team; this includes putting strong emphasis on customer-centric approaches and interactions.

Pictures: Zaim Kasmat

This includes taking extra steps to further understand customer’s nature of rent, and to provide them advices on matching their budgets accordingly to how they wanted to host their events.

Tarindak D’Seni, he explained, has two available spaces for rent – the bigger hall Serambi Suluh and the smaller one, Serambi Batil – with each of them capable of accommodating up to 700 and 450 persons respectively.

With different types of event, Idris said Tarindak D’Seni has different packages prepared for customers.

For weddings, the management will be providing food, tables, chairs, PA systems and audiovisuals; with one staff assigned to oversee the whole technical operations throughout the event.

For meetings, conference or dinners, the management also has different packages.  Each of these packages is also set with different prices.

While rental rates are fixed, Idris said the management is flexible in setting the prices; so long as it fulfills the basic needs of the customers accordingly to their budget.

For weddings and dinners, prices are set accordingly to the menus; with a minimum of 800 pax per event, customers may be looking at more than $10,000, inclusive of all the facilities offered, but this can be set accordingly to customer’s budget.

If customers choose to rent the halls for other purposes, rental fees may be set at $2000, but it could go down to $1000 depending on the negotiations made between the management and the customers, said Idris.

He noted that the rental fees might be costly to some, but what sets Tarindak apart from the others is that:

“Firstly, everything is provided in-house, from food, tables, and chairs to the electrical equipments, and secondly, we made sure that everything is of quality, even with a package sold at a very low price,”

And the management team will also be on hand to ensure client’s events are executed smoothly.”

Four years being in the business, Idris said there has been a lot of people coming to rent the halls; mostly for gatherings and weddings.

But, while Tarindak has it all out in setting the best quality and price, Idris said that in itself may not be enough to keep the management ahead from its other competitions.

“We also have to study the market, including our competitors and see how they succeed; and I am not talking about the ones in the country alone, we also have to look at other related businesses overseas, and emulate their best practices,” he said.

“We have to keep studying the market and make use of the available sales and marketing tools, but at the same time we also have to consider the need of the customers,”

Tarindak wants to grow; we want to excel, and InsyaAllah with all the right moves, we will grow well,” Idris noted.

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