A photo of Sashi Cheliah, MasterChef Australia 2018’s winner. Image: Australian High Commission

MasterChef Australia 2018 winner Sashi Cheliah will be having a cooking demonstration at this year’s Taste of Australia Food Fair, slated for this Sunday at the Radisson Hotel.

The celebrity chef will also be one of the judges for this year’s culinary challenge entries, which require participants to mix at least one Australian and Bruneian ingredients to make a cuisine.  The other judge being local food blogger Thanis Lim.

Besides viewing the cooking show and contest, members of the public can also sample Australian food and drinks prepared for them and engage with an array of fun activities arranged by the Australian High Commission to Brunei.

Taste of Australia in Brunei is part of the Australian Government’s Australia now ASEAN 2019 initiative, which focuses on the vitality, diversity and capacity of youth in the region.

Australian High Commissioner to Brunei Nicola Rosenblum said there is strong appreciation by Bruneians of Australian food and products.

“Supermarkets and menus in Brunei have featured Australian fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and meat for a number of years. We want to showcase the diversity and creativity of modern Australian cuisine which is heavily influenced from Southeast Asia,” the high commissioner said.

“Young people are a key part of driving innovation, that’s why for our Culinary Challenge this year there’s a category for youth and a category for talented Institute of Brunei Technical Education students,”

“We’re excited to celebrate Australian food with the community through this event,” she added.



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