Thinking of renewing your insurance soon? Skip the queue and go digital with the all-in-one Takaful Brunei Mobile app.

Takaful Brunei Am (TBA) puts customer convenience at the heart of everything they do, customers can now manage all their Takaful certificates through the Takaful Brunei Mobile app.

The platform makes it easy for customers to access their insurance, allowing them to buy and make claims conveniently and securely within minutes just using their smartphone.

Previously, customers would have to go to the nearest TBA counter.

The Takaful Brunei Mobile app. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

However, with the app, customers can get access to both Takaful Brunei Am (TBA) and Takaful Brunei Keluarga (TBK) product information, customer information, updates and promotions right at their fingertips.

According to the Executive Marketing Officer of TBA Bazli Bahar, the app was developed in 2019 with an aim to provide their consumers with a seamless digital solution.

“We believe that this is definitely the future of the Takaful industry. Users have access to their active certificates as well as an archive to past certificates and pending claims status. Instead of our customers going to our counters, we’re bringing our counters to them, digitally,” he said

He further said that the institution will continuously look for innovative and digital solutions that enhance the customers’ experience and services.

Since its official launch in early August, the app has garnered 10,000 downloads from both Google Play and App Store.

What’s on the app

The Takaful Brunei Mobile application aims to provide the Takaful customer convenience and experience of the digital age.

Upon accessing the app, customers will need to go through a one-time registration and verification process before proceeding to explore the app.

Executive Marketing Officer of TBA Bazli Bahar explaining about the Takaful Brunei Mobile app. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Moreover, there are 12 products on the app which are readily available for you to obtain – definitely saving your queuing time.

For TBA, the products include Musafir (Travel) Takaful, Comprehensive Home Package Takaful, Additional Coverage for Motor Takaful, Golfer Takaful, All Risk For Bicycle Takaful, Personal Accident for Active Life Takaful and the latest addition, WCP For Domestic Helper Takaful.

Other than that, registered users can also enquire about the TBK products available on the app which includes As Syifa’ (Medical) Takaful, Student Care Takaful, Nur Savings, Aman and Aman Plus Takaful.

Additional benefits to customers will also include exclusive discount rates on their Takaful product.

With just a swipe of a finger, customers can receive quotations instantly and complete their participation via online payment through the app and receive a digital copy of their Takaful Certificates.

Featuring a clean and user-friendly look, customers will have all the features available including viewing the product coverage specifications, getting instant quotations and ultimately making a purchase for their desired Takaful protection.

One of the highlighted features of the app is the “My Takaful” which assists registered users in managing all their TBA/TBK Takaful certificates.

The “My Takaful” feature also allows users to easily find out when their takaful protection expires and financially plan ahead to renew and ensure there are no gaps in their takaful protection as they have access to their active certificates as well as an archive to past certificates and pending claims status.

Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Moreover, registered users will also be notified directly regarding Takaful Brunei’s updates, news and new promotions via their account inbox.

Another highlighted feature of Takaful Brunei Mobile is the ability for registered users to conveniently make a claim without having to leave their house.

Moreover, the app will provide the users with immediate information and a guide on how to make a claim and also formally proceed with the claim notification process through the mobile app itself saving time.

Additional features and upgrades such as a loyalty program will also be introduced in the near future.


In addition to that, you can stand a chance to win a monthly grand prize of $5,000 cash by simply download, register and participate in any products from the Takaful Brunei Mobile.

The Takaful Brunei Mobile app. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

TBA is rolling out weekly and monthly lucky draw where registered participants could stand a chance to win $100 and $400 worth of DSTIncomm Vouchers respectively.

On top of that, there is also the Grand Lucky Draw for both November and December where the first place winner will win the grand prize of $5,000.

In addition to that, the second and third place winners will also win $2,500 each.

To stand a chance and win, all you have to do is to simply Download, Register and Participate in any products from Takaful Brunei Mobile from now until 31 December.

For more information, interested applicants can call TBA Call Centre Quotation & Online Payment Service at 2244000, go to any of TBA’s nearest branches or visit

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