The lush eco-tourism scene in Temburong. Image: Shutterstock

The Tourism Development Department (TDD) wants local investors to play more parts in the sultanate’s eco-tourism projects, particularly those that are set in Temburong and Belait as it may provide a hundred jobs to their respective communities.

The new projects which include building luxury chalets and a River Cruise Centre in Kg Batang Duri, Temburong as well as the One Stop Visitor’s Centre in Labi, Belait is expected to give the communities stronger positions in tourism, food and beverage, and hospitality sectors.

TDD Senior Special Duties Officer Kartini Hj Kabri shared that both projects could give a hundred jobs.

Among products exhibited at the Mendaram Longhouse in Mukim Labi. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

“In terms of employment (for the one stop visitor centre), we expect the initial make up to be made up of 70 percent locals, from manning the information centre, serving food to guests and also becoming guides,” she continued.

Another senior official from the TDD, Hj Zulzalani Hj Osman said that the development of the Batang Duri sites would have a significant economic impact towards the rural communities.

A green scene in Temburong. Image: Shutterstock

He then called on local companies to invest and participate in the development of the tourism industry: “So that they can create opportunities for other locals in terms of spin-off businesses and employment”.

“It would be a win-win situation for the country”.

Permanent Secretary Pg Hj Kamalrudzaman Pg Mohd Ishak touring the exhibition at the Mendaram Longhouse. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

While these projects are open for both local and foreign investors, TDD also emphasised that it wanted those who could adhere to Brunei’s sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism policies as it also want to preserve the natural greeneries of the two districts.

Image: Shutterstock

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