Thai Ambassador Wanthanee Viputwongsakul (4th R) in a group photo with the best-dressed candidates. Image: Rafidah Hamit

The Royal Thai Embassy recently held a get together to fete media for their cooperation throughout the year.

Thai Ambassador to Brunei Wanthanee Viputwongsakul, in her speech, said the soiree was additionally an opportunity to network with members of the media after meeting on several occasions.

“Since I arrived in Brunei in January this year, I have met some of you quite often. However, we do not have (get) a chance to talk to each other. (Therefore) today is a good opportunity for us to get to know each other better,” she said.

Members of the media participating in one of the games organised by the Thai Embassy. Image: Rafidah Hamit

Furthermore, the event was a gesture of appreciation to the media for providing news coverage on Thailand’s current news, Embassy events, invitations for interviews as well as accurate and timely reporting and publishing of articles.

The ambassador noted that media reports have been part of the embassy’s success following significant events including the 35th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Thailand and Brunei and the launching of the Guidebook of Thai Restaurants in Brunei.

“We regard the media as an important partner in the Embassy’s work of strengthening Thailand-Brunei relations. We believe that you play an important role in promoting better understanding in every aspect particularly people to people relations,” the ambassador said.

A member of the media (3rd R) receiving one of the lucky draw prizes. Image: Rafidah Hamit

“Looking ahead, we expect 2020 to continue to be as exciting particularly for our bilateral relations as Brunei will play host to the Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation (JCBC) which is the highest-level mechanism for bilateral consultations between Thailand and Brunei.”

In that regard, the ambassador hopes to work closely with the media and seeks continued support.

“I thank you again for your hard work and dedication. Your contribution is invaluable and vital in developing a well-informed and knowledgeable society,” she added.

Thai Ambassador Wanthanee Viputwongsakul (L) and an agent from Grace Travel Agency (C) presenting the main prize: a return air ticket to Bangkok, Thailand to an officer from the Information Department. Image: Rafidah Hamit

Members of the media were then treated to an array of scrumptious Thai food from several Thai restaurants in the country that served popular favourites such as Pad Thai, Thai Fresh Spring Rolls, Pandan Leaf Chicken, Mango Sticky Rice and Takoh (Coconut Cream Jelly).

The Embassy also organised several activities throughout the night including fun and games from identifying places in Thailand, a best-dressed competition to lucky draws consisting of special edition t-shirts, reusable bags and food vouchers.

The main prize of the night was return air tickets to Bangkok, Thailand, won by an officer from the Information Department.

Members of the media participating in one of the games organised by the Thai Embassy. Image: Rafidah Hamit



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