A customer ordering at the Black Whale counter. Image: Azrina Zin

For boba tea enthusiasts looking for a new adventure, drop by the popular Black Whale which has recently landed on local shores.

The newest addition to the sultanate’s now bustling boba scene opened its first branch on the first floor of Aman Hills Shopping Centre in February, right next to the Aman Hills Hotel displaying a lustrous menu of their specialty drinks and desserts.

Milky or fruity, hot or cold, this Malaysian cult-favorite chain has attracted lines up to hours long at their 64 outlets across Malaysia.

Awarded “The Best Tea Drinks Award” and “Top Rising Star” in the World Top Gourmet Awards last year, the franchise brought in by Golden Whale International Sdn Bhd has finally set its first international footprint in Brunei.

(L-R) One of their bestsellers, the Fiery Brown Sugar Black Whale Milk and the Brown Sugar Taro Milk. Image: Azrina Zin

Inside, the interior boasts the brand’s signature black-and-gold colour and whale tail decorations.

Not to mention, the adorable stuffed whales laying around, perfect for your Instagram moment.

The seating area is pleasant and fits up to 20 customers. You can comfortably enjoy your drinks inside or on the outdoor patio.

The brand introduced seven crowd-pleasing series in the local market namely; Brown Sugar Series; Milk Tea Series; Peach Gum Whalcano Series; Dirty Series; Cheezo Series, the Refreshing Summer Series and the Black Whale Hot Drink Series.

The franchise however is famous for its handmade brown sugar whale pearls which are brewed, boiled and stirred continuously for about 2-3 hours with a temperature of up to 100 degrees for the right softness and chewiness.

Customers can expect to get their hands on the bestsellers, including the Fiery Brown Sugar Black Whale Milk, Brown Sugar Black Whale Avocado Milk and the Royal Whale Milk Tea.

The Black Whale’s top 10 best sellers are displayed at the counter to make it easy for customers to choose. Image: Azrina Zin

When you take a sip of their Fiery Brown Sugar Black Whale Milk, you will be able to taste a wave of sugary delight indulged with that sweet, rich, cheesy goodness. The drink is also very filling.

Their Passion Dragonfruit Whalcano is also highly recommended by devoted Black whale fans with its delicious blend of fresh passion fruit and dragon fruit juices and gorgeous pink and orange gradient aesthetics.

Overall, the drink is cool and refreshing with a delicate floral taste.

Other than beverages, the Black Whale serves ice cream which comes in three flavours: Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream, Dark Choco Ice Cream and Brown Sugar Dark Choc Ice Cream – a must-try for icecream lovers!

A highly recommended drink: the Passion Dragonfruit Whalcano. Image: Azrina Zin

The company is eyeing on expanding its presence in Brunei through the opening of more branches in the future.

The second branch is slated to open in April at The Walk in Beribi.



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