Third Startup Weekend ignites crazy ideas

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Lead Organiser Afiq Mohammed (L) and Hong Kong based workshop facilitator from the United Nations Development Programme Cynthia Cheung (R) addressing the participants. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Waqiuddin Rajak

Startup Weekend returns for the third time to turn more “crazy” ideas by Bruneians into real businesses with the help of regional facilitators and established mentors.

With over 50 participants this time, the 54-hour entrepreneur workshop is aimed at developing ideas into a feasible business venture.

Lead organiser Afiq Mohammed said “crazy” ideas are the best when it comes to thinking of starting a business as they are often unique and have the strong potential to garner the different segments of its intended market.

The programme already has over five business ideas in the works of being realised since last year. Among them include the creation of an Islamic crowd-funding platform, a furniture design and production business that made use of 3D printing, and a social media website that pairs students with their teachers for tuition and extra educational purposes., whose idea topped the second round of Startup Weekend in April, is also having its secondhand baby products buy-and-sell platform realised through the event.

Amongst those participating in the third round of the Startup Weekend Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

With all of that considered, Afiq said that Startup Weekend has already garnered support from the local communitiy as there have also been returning participants.

The organisers are now also planning to conduct the event four times a year.

Startup Weekend has also garnered a global reach of over 2,000 events in over 160 countries, sharing the same format of having regional facilitators and local mentors to guide participants through their course.

The top business ideas will be announced and awarded on its last day tomorrow.

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