The Telephone House in Sumbiling that is now owned by UNN. Image: The Bruneian

Unified National Networks (UNN) is looking to fill more than a hundred job positions in the upcoming months, setting a headcount target of 600 skilled local individuals to help usher in the modernisation of the country’s telecommunications sector.

Addressing local media during an engagement session held at the Radisson Hotel recently, UNN CEO Dr Steffen Oehler said that the recruitment of local talents in key skill areas represents one of the company’s main strategies.

According to Dr Oehler, in the past 12 months, UNN had already on boarded around 450 employees, hoping to reach a 500 headcount by September of this year.

However, he added that there are 116 more positions across several of the organisation’s domain that needs to be filled with offers being issued and advertised externally in the coming weeks specifically for Bruneian nationals.

CEO of UNN Dr Stephen Oehler giving a talk on the roles and functions of UNN. Image: Analisa Amu

He emphasised the need for skilled individuals in order to accommodate their vision of providing state of the art and competitively priced telco services to the public as new technologies require new skills and practices.

“What was hardware a few years ago is now software. Virtualisation and digitalisation, combined with data analytics and AI are becoming part of modern telecommunications platforms,” said the CEO.

He underlined how vital it is for the organisation to learn how to master these challenges and changes, all the while trying to establish a corporate culture that is engaging and sustainable.

“It comes on top of our daily business to serve the market, on top of the significant technical modernisation and expansion programs which are going beyond what was practiced in the telco companies previously,” he added.

Ultimately Dr Oehler believed that “people are the most important part (of this transformation)”, adding that those under UNN’s employment will be provided upskilling opportunities in both the technical and soft skill areas.

Image: The Bruneian

In the technical area, UNN has currently partnered with its suppliers to train the organisation’s staff to support the Radio Access Network Capacity Expansion which will run for two years.

In the soft skill area, UNN has designed a leadership and management programme which forms as an important building block to upskill new and existing leadership teams. The programme is made up of three levels covering about 52 employees.

“We need to find the talents, the right people from the universities and make sure that they get trained accordingly. Post COVID-19, we could send them for training in Europe or Singapore, where our technical partners reside,” said. UNN Chief Operations Officer, Uwe Beydemuller.

“With our work, we’re hoping to introduce technology that the country has not seen before, so we understand that we cannot find experts in those areas here, but are determined to build up local skills,” he added.



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