UNN Berakas Exchange with the new UNN logo. Image: Courtesy of UNN

Unified National Networks (UNN), the newly-formed government-linked company under Darussalam Assets that oversees Brunei’s telecommunication network infrastructure, is currently upgrading the existing infrastructures to improve the service quality and speed of mobile networks in the country.

In a statement issued by the company, a full modernisation of the infrastructure is in the plan but immediate improvements where possible in short term will be made in the coming weeks.

It has been focusing on the “stabilisation of operations and implementation of infrastructure” for the past months and that its achievements progress are mostly done in phases, and not all are visible to the public.

“Up to date, we have successfully implemented technical projects, which will enable the service providers to offer the full set of both fixed and mobile services to the public,” it said.

Service providers, the statement added, can become more creative as they will be able to capitalise on the improved technology and network capabilities to create varieties of products for the public, which leads to the recruitment of new talents to implement these opportunities.

Moreover, UNN’s business is aligned with the company’s vision and mission, aiming to create a modern and cost-efficient digital platform in support of Wawasan Brunei 2035 and the ICT transformation journey.

This includes 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) where UNN has started an early engagement with main stakeholders and potential users of the technology to shape the future network.

UNN aims to make services available everywhere, therefore, part of the company’s midterm plans is to address the connectivity in underserved areas by building more towers for better access to mobile and internet services across the country.

UNN Berakas Exchange with the new UNN logo. Image: Courtesy of UNN

Chief Executive Officer of UNN Dr Steffen Oehler said that as a wholesale service provider the company paves ways to provide the necessary facilities and broaden the network with the latest technologies.

“Together with the stakeholders, we will co-create the innovations for infrastructure and services in Brunei. It is then up to the telcos to offer attractive packages to consumers and penetrate the market in a fair competition,” he said.

He further said that the company is currently active in recruiting local talents from the three existing telcos to fill all the positions in the organisation.

The current management team was brought in mainly to execute the main task which is to get UNN operational and functional at a given time.

“UNN started as a new company from scratch, we want to work together with the local experts to build a performance organisation and to pass the baton in due time to local hands as UNN is 100% a local organisation,” said Oehler.

UNN’s senior management team was recruited from Deutsche Telekom Group, UNN’s technical partner, to spearhead the company before handing it over to a fully Bruneian management team within five years.

It has already achieved multiple milestones ever since which include the acquisition and transfer of all network infrastructure and assets operated and owned by Telekom Brunei Berhad, Datastream Technology, Progresif Cellular and Brunei International Gateway.

Furthermore, the company has started labeling and branding of infrastructure in the public space, including the more dominant branding of newly refurbished buildings and interior areas embedded with UNN logos around the country.

Mobile access locations where towers and base stations located are also furnished with UNN signboards.

Other than physical branding projects, the company also recently launched its official website www.unn.com.bn containing information such as UNN’s objective, wholesale services, future vacancies and important announcements, among others.

The GLC was established in December 2018 which purpose is to serve Brunei’s digital telecommunications, offering wholesale telecommunication services to both national and international clients.

UNN is wholly owned by the government of His Majesty and recognised as a GLC under its shareholder Darussalam Assets.

It is fully committed to develop and empower the Brunei Smart Nation initiatives and support talents across all segments.

“We believe that through modernising the network infrastructure and investing in new technologies, we can significantly elevate the quality and array of services provided in the country, with better affordability and accessibility,” said UNN.



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