Image: Syafiq Affendy

VALOR Property Agency Sdn Bhd recently held a property investment roadshow focusing on investment projects catered to young professionals and various stakeholders.

The two-day event conducted at its office in Rimba highlighted residential, commercial and industrial properties located in areas such as Beribi, Sg Tilong, Kg Sabun, Salambigar and so on.

Marketing Executive Dk Hafizah Aqilah said that consultation conducted with interested parties should they invest on a property revolve around the income they can generate through rental fees, financial requirements and others.

“The properties that we have are mostly rented for government servants with Brunei government as one of our major client. So, if an individual were to buy a property, for rent not for them to stay, they are most likely to receive government rentals as an income,” she said, adding that the roadshow also showcases on commercial and industrial properties.

Three main residential properties that were focused on during the roadshow were Residence @ Muara, Beribi 636 and Hilltop Parade Sg Tilong.

Image: Syafiq Affendy

Other properties include Aman Hills Shopping Centre, Pavo Point, warehouse in Salambigar Industrial Park and Sangai Industrial Park.

The event also aimed to let people know what Valor Property does and the type of old and new properties they have to offer to potential clients either for sale or rent.



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