HPC personnel, Awang Shahrizan Hakim bin Hj Sharibini (L) and Awang Nelson Dennis (R) delivering their presentation regarding obesity management. Image: VAM®BRN

Brunei-Japan joint venture VAM®BRN recently carried out a dialogue session to promote obesity management among its employees.

The company spearheaded the initiative in anticipation to the upcoming 12-weeks obesity management programme scheduled to start later this year – focusing on improving employees’ overall health by raising awareness on obesity and its related problems.

VAM®BRN staff being engageful to the event. Image: VAM®BRN

Officials from the Health Promotion Centre (HPC) are slated to run the programme with the company.

During the dialogue session, HPC officials Nelson Dennis and Sharizan Hakim Sharibini conducted the dialogue shared with the audience on the importance of physical activity, a balanced diet, maintaining a work-life balance and general well-being.

They also shared tips and advice on how to implement a feasible obesity management programme within the workplace and to achieve longer-term lifestyle changes.

VAM®BRN staff being engageful to the event. Image: VAM®BRN

Additionally, they also discussed the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and encourage the employees to embrace such.



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