Waroeng Penyet recently introduced its $3.60 Ayam Sambal Image: Azrina Zin

Ayam penyet enthusiasts are in for a treat at Waroeng Penyet!

The restaurant is now offering their mouth-watering Nasi Ayam Sambal value meals for only $3.60.

The meal comes with flavourful, spiced chicken coated with a crunchy golden skin sprinkled in kremes, complimented with their signature spicy sambal and white rice that has all the right components that make up a truly fulfilling meal.

The Nasi Ayam Sambal ticks all the right boxes; spicy, satisfying and value for money.

The value meal will be available at all six branches across the districts. Get your penyet fix today.

For more enquiries, you can reach them at 2201083, or follow them on Instagram @waroengpenyet.brunei.



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