Womennovation Brunei gathers innovative females

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Women innovators and guests at the launch of Womennovation Brunei held at Dilmah T-Lounge recently. Image: Courtesy of Big Bwn Project


Big BWN Project recently launched its latest initiative Womennovation Brunei which hopes to be an avenue for women with innovative skills to broaden their network and share ideas with the community.

The initiative, which was founded by Noorhafizah Hj Rashid, highlighted the need for local women to have such skills, contributing to the progression of the country’s socio-economic growth.

Through Womennovation Brunei, women will have the chance to share their views and engage publicly as well as creating access to resources while venture into areas beyond their comfort zones.

During the launch that was supported by Dilmah T-Lounge featured four women who have used innovation as a means to further their careers and passion through art, media production, fashion and wood work.

“The concept of our womennovation sessions is that we will be having a campfire storytelling session where each womennovator will show and tell her ideas or products to the other participants,” she said.

Big BWN Project, which was also founded by Noorhafizah several years ago, have supported many people in making decisions, developing business plans and facilitating access to resources.

Noorhafizah Hj Rashid, founder of Womennovation Brunei (3rd L), with the women innovators at the launch of Womennovation Brunei held at Dilmah T-Lounge recently. Image: Courtesy of Big Bwn Project

“Having worked with so many different people from various backgrounds, we saw that it was crucial for us to empower the womennovators and for economic empowerment especially in Brunei. As they build their businesses, they also build their confidence and can exercise their contributions to our community and country better,” she said.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the women empowerment initiative, the co-founder and deputy managing director of Syarikat Pakar Tenaga Bersatu Normawati Dato Paduka Haji Othman, said that innovation and technology provide unprecedented opportunities for women to break trends and empower women in all aspects.

“The changes brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution applies without boundaries, limitations nor conditions. To stay relevant means to keep abreast with latest technological developments and advancements,” she said.

Womennovation Brunei will make its first public showcase in the upcoming DARe MSME Festival featuring ten local women innovators and entrepreneurs.

For more details, follow them on Instagram and Facebook @womennovationbwn or @bigbwnproject

Women innovators sharing their stories at the launch of Womennovation Brunei at Dilmah T-Lounge recently. Image: Courtesy of Big Bwn Project

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