A view of Meragang Beach. Image: The Bruneian

World Oceans Day (WOD) Brunei is set to be back with its second edition on June 30, celebrating the central role of oceans in our lives through art and film showcase, surfing and panel discussions.

The two-day event which is co-organised by Kaleidoscope Studio and Reef Check Brunei also seeks to increase awareness on the impact of human actions and encourage action to protect the oceans and preserve marine life and ecosystems.

WOD Brunei is slated to take place at the Marine Biodiversity Center (MBC) featuring a series of activities and talks addressing the threats on our local sea.

The event will also bring together numerous displays of ocean-centric activities such as Coast Art Auction, a documentary screening of ‘Tiny Heroes of our Sea’ by BruWILD Society and Surfing Workshops by Empat.Co, among others.

Moreover, children visitors will have the chance to participate in marine-themed crafts activity, surfing lessons and visit the aquariums and turtle sanctuary.

In addition, visitors will also have a chance to see the unveiling a new coral display at the MBC which aimed at improving exhibits at the centre while educating the public and students on the importance of corals in the ocean ecosystem.

One of the rescued turtles at the Marine Biodiversity Centre, Meragang. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Prior to the main event, the WOD will hold the Marine Conservation Talks on June 29 at Laksamana College of Business with the topic “The Challenges of Building A Sustainable Business” at 10am.

Meanwhile, Scales will also be at Universiti Brunei Darussalam at 1pm to discuss on “Personal Challenges We Should All Aspire to Achieve at Home or on Holiday”.

The talks will host Canadian ADEX speaker and co-founder of 5-star Eco Dive Resort Robert Scales as well as a panel discussion with Golden Corporations, Ocean Quest and more.

Director of Kaleidoscope Studio Khalisah Ahmad in a press conference said that the combination of Art, Film, Talk and Surf on the programme is designed for people to connect to the ocean in different ways and be exposed to new perspectives.

The Marine Biodiversity Centre at Meragang. Image: The Bruneian

The involvement of artists, artisans, conservationists, corporate companies, institutions, film-makers and the surfing community highlights the importance of collaboration and unity in realising developmental goals and in creating impact, said the director.


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