Local publishing and marketing company Yellow Pages Brunei is set to introduce its first-ever “YP Super App”, a digital platform offering a plethora of products and services under one ecosystem.

Managing Director of Yellow Pages Brunei James Lee in an interview said that the mobile application will allow consumers to access anything they need without the hassle of opening multiple apps at one time.

General Manager of Tele Directories James Lee. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

“In a single app, users will get to search for items such as food and beverages, transport, cleaning services, news and personal trainers, among others. You don’t need to open several individual apps (in your phone)… now we have them all combined into one,” said Lee.

He further said that they are in the midst of working with various partners to be onboard the super app, creating an exciting go-to platform for both consumers and businesses.

“We want to expand from our existing print (phone directory) to online and go beyond that, where people need services and products, making it as the one app that represents Brunei as a whole,” said Lee, adding that consumers will also be able to purchase within the app environment.

The super app concept is big in China and Southeast Asia, taking for example the Chinese WeChat and Singaporean Grab. 

The former is not just an instant messaging app and the latter has expanded from a ride-sharing app to food ordering and cashless payments.

For YP Super App, it also shares the same sentiment with these famous giants; everything can be searched and found like Google but reliable.

Furthermore, with the development of the super app, Yellow Pages Brunei also heeds the government’s call towards a dynamic digital economy.

“We are hoping that users will be loyal to this functional and easy-to-use platform that provides adequate services and allow for a multifaceted experience. We knew that in traditional strategy parlance, the “mass market” is the market for produced goods and services on a large scale and caters to many customers,” he concluded.

Yellow Pages Brunei has been in the directory business since 1972 and hopes to be a company that is continuously innovating be it in the introduction of new products and services or in the improvement of existing processes.

This article was first published on October 3, 2020 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 109



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