A huge crowd seen gathered outside YMRM premises as they wait for their turn


YMRM will be holding yet another crazy sale night this Thursday where prices go as low as $0.50 per metre for its textile products.

“To top it off, prices on all other items at YMRM stores will be slashed by half from 7pm to 12am midnight,” said Managing Director Hitesh R Bhawnani yesterday at YMRM’s main branch in Jalan Tungku Link.

YMRM is very well known for its Crazy Sale nights where reams of textile and fabrics get snatched up in a matter of minutes.

Rosina has religiously gone to the YMRM crazy sales as she is eager to donate her purchases to those in need, especially for the upcoming fasting month and Eid.

“We have it three to four times a year and each year the crowd grows bigger and bigger,” said Hitesh of the event which the company started in 2005.

The ‘Crazy Sale’ dubbed crazy because of its unbelievably low prices has even managed to attract shoppers from across the border but according to Hitesh the sale has nothing to do with making profit.

“Its more about having a meaningful engagement with customers, showing our appreciation for their support which has brought YMRM to where it is now,” said Hitesh.

 “It benefits us in a way that we get more loyalty from our customers.  They will trust us; that we will never cheat on them, and we will never sell overpriced stuff,” he said.

“YMRM is a company that has grown through the help of its Bruneian customers.  We are here because of the Bruneians , so we are giving back to them now as a Bruneian brand,” he added.

There is no specific date for the crazy sales.

“We want to keep it a surprise, we want our customers to get excited so they can flock in big numbers when it is actually held,” Hitesh said.

YMRM has taken steps to allow a less hectic situation compared to their previous crazy sales.

On the type of textile and fabric being sold off for $0.50, Hitesh insisted on keeping it to himself replying only with “Its a surprise so stay tuned for our crazy sale this Thursday.”

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