Today, the use of technology in a business is quite relevant and ideal especially when almost everything can be reached at your fingertips – just one click away. 

Local youth entrepreneurs use the social media as a means to showcase their products and services to the wider market and there are also those who develop digital solutions as their core business to help business operations of others. 

They may utilise technology differently but their idea about using technology is similar; efficiency. Let’s hear what some entrepreneurs have to say.

Pg Khairi Pg Hj Metussin, CEO Mindplus Education

At Mindplus, we focus more on getting students to not feel burden with learning while enjoying their academic achievements by utilising technology. 

Essentially, this allows students to find ways in solving problems as habits and eventually a lifelong-learning process taking place.

Technology can help make educational processes more effective and time-saving. 

Part of many tasks is how we can generate students focus and their attention to their courses rather than social medias and other distractions.

Saufi Jamahat, CEO DotRoot Technologies

In DotRoot, we believe that some processes can be improved and more efficient with the use of technologies. 

Mobile application is more advanced now and cloud technologies can be utilised to streamline business operations. 

So, it is our job as application developers to assist our clients to meet their needs. 

Having graduated from Institut Teknologi Brunei (now known as Universiti Teknologi Brunei) with diplomas in Information Technologies and we each specialized in different areas of mobile application development, we decided to further develop our passion and make a career out of it with the hope of changing the landscape of the local IT industry as well as globally.

Azri Metussin, Owner of Rawky Beads

Technology has helped me tremendously especially in terms of the social media platform whereby it has helped to show my products online and connect with my customers virtually. 

The emergence of online payment gateways such as BIBD online, BruPay and other payment methods have also eased payment transactions.

Technology has many benefits and if we use it wisely, businesses can prosper greatly. 

I have been using Instagram and Facebook since I started my business in December 2017.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to use social media as an avenue to market your products, just make full use of it because it will definitely help you. 

Make sure your contents have proper value, make your posts interesting and most importantly engage with your customers in social media.

Nur Raghadah Agus, Owner of The Grill Journal

Operating a small grilled food business may seemed easy but it does have its own challenges and struggles. 

I started my business two years ago just in time when social media are avidly used by everyone in the community; business owners, students and housewives, among others.

For my business, I find it very useful and convenient to use Instagram to post pictures of the freshly grilled items. 

Through pictures alone, they definitely let viewers to have instant urge to try the food and eventually buy them. 

Since I am based in Pasar Pelbagai Barangan Gadong, it is easier for customers to get their orders directly after booking via social media or text message. 

From Instagram too, I am able to know what customers want and I can see the trend in terms of which days of the week or what occasions they are likely to place their orders.



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